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By:Michael Laskow
Michael Laskow
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  • Your music will finally get heard.
  • You don't have the time to develop the contacts and knock on hundreds of doors yourself.
  • TAXI will focus your efforts and keep you from procrastinating.
  • TAXI's FREE convention is worth much, much more than you will invest in your membership.
  • You've just run out of excuses for not finding a home for your music.

What TAXI Members are Saying

"We're truly grateful to TAXI and to Michael Laskow for being true to their claims and getting our music out there to the people who can really do something with it. One single connection made for us by TAXI has resulted in our songs and productions being on over 35 million albums sold over the last three and a half years."

-Adam Watts and Andy Dodd, members

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Companies TAXI
Works With

These are just a few of the 900 companies that we work with.

What The Industry is Saying about TAXI

"TAXI is a gem of a find. I'm receiving pre-screened material from talented, up and coming writers and artists from all over the country. One of those songs could very well be my next hit."

-Craig Kallman
Chairman, Atlantic Records

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