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Music Business FAQs & Articles

A&R Getting a Record Deal

What does A&R stand for?
How do I get my music to an A&R person?
What will make an A&R person want to sign me?
Articles about A&R

Film & TV Music

Do I have to write instrumental "scores" to get my music in films and TV Shows?
Are my home recordings good enough, or do I need a "pro" studio recording?
How much money can I make?
How do I get my music placed in films and TV shows?
Articles about film & TV music

Music Publishing

What is publishing?
Do I need a publisher?
Do I need to start my own publishing company?
How do I make money from publishing?
Articles about publishing


How do I improve my songwriting?
What if I just write lyrics?
Could working with another songwriter improve my chances of success?
Articles about songwriting

Music Business

Pursuing a Music Business Career
Your Business Manager
Why Record Label Executives Don't Call You Back
Business Manager / Promoter / Road Manager Responsibilities
Articles about the music business

Music Copyright Information

Do I need to copyright my material?
How do I copyright my songs?
What are the chances my song will be stolen?
Should I copyright my material before submitting to TAXI?
Articles about copyright information

Home Recording

How well-recorded do my demos have to be?
Should I record in a professional or home studio?
Should I use a producer?
Should I sing my own demo?
Articles about recording


What is a Performing Rights Organization?
When do I need to join a Performing Rights Organization?
How can a Performing Rights Organization help my career?
More information on Performing Rights Organizations

Artists Management

Do I need a manager?
At what point should I get a manager?
What are some key points in a management contract?
Articles about management

Music Promotion

How do I promote myself as an artist?
How do I get my music on the radio?
How can I build a fan base?
Do I need to hire an outside marketing company?
How do I book my own gigs?
How do I get a booking agent to book gigs for me?
Articles about promotion

Film & TV Music Licensing

Why is it easier to land a film or TV deal?
Music libraries—so what's the deal?
Is TV-music an easy money-maker?
What are the cold, hard facts about music licensing?
What's it take to successfully compose film/TV music?
What's the link between video games and the music industry?
Music Licensing Articles and interviews

Music Motivation

Articles that will help you come up with the "Big Idea"

Making Money With Your Music

How do I get paid when other people record my songs?
How do I get paid from record sales?
How do I get paid from radio airplay?
How do I get paid from film and TV usages?
Articles about making money with your music


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