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Ever since we presented Chuck Henry with the John Braheny Award at the Road Rally on November 3, we keep getting emails asking for the links to the videos we’ve shot in Chuck’s studio.

The most recent video was shot in June of this year (2017), so we’re going with that one. Here’s the bio we introduced Chuck with on stage at the Rally!

Chuck Henry is recording artist, producer, and composer with phenomenal list of credits that ranges from radio, network and cable television, national commercials, and independent and festival films. His efforts are primarily focused on television music, and today, Chuck’s tracks can be heard multiple times per day on reality TV shows, talk shows, game shows, documentaries, entertainment news programs, and TV dramas.

His music has been heard on over 8,000 episodes of 750 different TV shows! He is also signed with Intentcity Records, where he’s known as "Eterna," doing chill-out and global-electronica. The original recording contract that led to his current deal started with a submission to a TAXI Listing. In addition, Chuck does the music for international burlesque star and renowned fashion icon Dita Von Teese. Chuck is also long-time TAXI member who is among the first wave of members to selflessly share his knowledge and experience with newer members. I’m also happy to say that he’s my friend.

Ladies and gentlemen, our John Braheny Award recipient for 2017, Mr. Chuck Henry!

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With Chuck Henry