The TAXI Road Rally
November 7th-10th, 2013

Not to sound overly-dramatic or anything, but it was a life-changing experience.” - Brad Roseborough, TAXI member

   The TAXI Road Rally
Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick will be our Llifetime Achievement award winner and Keynote interview.
It’s Saturday, and like most Saturdays leading up to our free convention, the Road Rally, I’m at the office taking care of hundreds, maybe thousands of little details that make the Rally great.

I was searching my computer for a particular letter about the Rally I could use for something else, and I came across this page of quotes from members who came to last year’s convention. I re-read them, and was instantly inspired to keep slugging away today. I want this year’s Road Rally to be the best ever-that’s always my goal!

So, I’m going to share these quotes with you because the Rally is only 4 weeks away, and if you’re flying in, you really need to book your flight now to get a cheap fare! So read what your fellow members have experienced at the Road Rally, then check out the info below. Enjoy!

“TAXI and the Road Rally have been the best investment in my musical career that I ever made. Nobody delivers like TAXI!” - Kurt Kreimier, TAXI member

“I nearly didn’t make the trip over from Hong Kong, thinking that it was too early to benefit from the Rally after joining only 6 months ago. I couldn’t have been more wrong, and this really was one of the most outstanding and enriching events I have ever been to.” -Andrew, TAXI member

“I gotta say, it lived up to the hype and then some. That was one of the greatest experiences of my life.” -Mike Baressi, TAXI Member

“This was my first Rally and absolutely the best weekend I’ve had... ever. Don’t tell my wife, she thinks it was our wedding!” -Russell Landwehr, TAXI member

“Everyone I spoke to really raved about the Road Rally.” -Jeff Brabec V.P. BMG/Chrysalis Music

“The experience not only lived up to my expectations, it surpassed them!” -Russ Reiter, TAXI member

“This weekend was absolutely transformational for me.” -Pedro Costa, TAXI member

“I just want to thank Michael and TAXI for some great connections this year. The people I’ve been able to meet through TAXI are amazing.” -Alexi von Guggenberg, TAXI member

“Just like your literature promises ... I made great new contacts and started some new relationships with other writers. And had one heck of a good time.” -Terry Gorka, TAXI member

“I speak at a lot of music events nationally and internationally throughout the year. The TAXI Road Rally is my favorite – by miles.” -Debra Russell, Industry Professional

“The Rally removed any doubt I have about TAXI. When my renewal is due, I’m signing up for 2 years!” -Felix Wong, TAXI member

“I will never cease to be touched and impressed by the true spirit of giving at the Rally.” -Jeff Bichaylo, TAXI member

“The entire atmosphere at the Rally is like… one big family. My wife said that she didn’t want to leave such a warm environment to go back to the real world. Neither did I.” - Clay Butler, TAXI member

“Everyone I met who was involved with administering and speaking at the Road Rally were ALL super nice, helpful, and just overall ‘pleasant’ to be around – you just don’t get that very much in this world anymore.” -Russ Reiter, TAXI member

“Man, I love the Rally & what I get to do for a living!” -Chris Ball, TAXI member

“I am excited to share that as a result of attending my second ever Road Rally this year. Today, I signed a contact with a major library owner.” -Vincent Pace, TAXI member

“The people [at the Rally] are so open and everyone seems to want to help one another.” -Alex, TAXI member

“I am just elated at the unforgettable time I spent at my first TAXI Road Rally. I am completely impressed by the sheer camaraderie, talent, and success.” -Lisa Burke, TAXI member

“It was everything you said it would be and more. Thanks for a really outstanding program.” -Andy Steinborn, TAXI member

“I am suffering withdrawal symptoms already I had such a great time at the Rally.” - Marina Stehle, TAXI member

See photos from last year’s Rally here.

Learn more about the Rally here.


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"TAXI costs a fraction of a songplugging company."
- Jimmy Clark,
TAXI Member

"I think I'm lucky that I've found out about TAXI so early in my career."
- Djamel,
TAXI Member

"Nothing bad can come from belonging to this unbelievable organization that has definitely allowed my songs to be stronger than ever."
- Justine Kaye,
TAXI Member