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Juliet Lyons

by Kenny Kerner

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Juliet Lyons

Juliet met her “Romeo” on a cruise ship and the two decided to spend their lives in the beautiful Bahamas. She saw an ad in Music Connection magazine and was inspired to become a TAXI member way back in 2005. And boy, is she glad she did! Here’s her story:

What is the music scene like in the Bahamas? 
There are two main types of local music here, Rake n’ Scrape, and Junkanoo.  They’re a lot of fun to hear but I am holed up in my home studio most of the time; that’s my music scene!  There was a world-class recording studio here called Compass Point that I would have gladly been the coffee girl for just to be involved, but the original owners sadly closed their doors months before I moved here.

What made you decide to move from New Mexico to the Bahamas?
The short and simple answer: love.  Cheesy, but true!  Ten years ago I was singing on cruise ships and met the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with on one of them.  He is in the hotel industry, and since I’m able to sing, write, and record from just about anywhere, we ended up here after a variety of stops along the way.  I’ve always followed my heart.

What instruments do you play and are you schooled or self-taught?

I play piano, some uke, and a little guitar.  I had a couple years of lessons with piano and guitar but my focus from a young age was always singing.  I got a vocal performance degree and a music education degree from UMKC Conservatory of Music.

Do you come from a musical family? 
My mom sang in her high school choir, my sister plays classical guitar, my grandma played the organ, and when we were little kids my dad used to make up weird songs to get us to brush our teeth, for example.  I grew up in a family of music lovers, without a doubt.  Everyone had different tastes too, so I got exposed to all kinds of music – if you can imagine Abba, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Cure, and Ravel – that was the soundtrack of my younger years.

How would you describe the music that you write?
Varied.  I love so many kinds of music, and love to play with different vocal stylings.  I know what genres work best for my voice, so I focus mainly on them:  Singer/Songwriter, Trance/Ambient, Adult Contemporary/New Age, Pop/Rock, and Musical Theatre/Children’s. 

Who are some of your influences?
I have so many!  Influences of the moment are Meiko, Grace Potter, Anuhea, Lenka, and Florence + the Machine.  All time favorites include Bob Marley, Heart, Bjork, Depeche Mode, Tarkan, Sarah McLachlan, 80s music (sorry, Michael!), and Bollywood music.

How did you first hear about TAXI?
I saw an ad in Music Connection magazine when I first started writing songs.

What made you become a TAXI member?
The ad!  I didn’t know where to start, how to “make it” as a songwriter.  I thought, how nice it could be that I just send my tunes to this company and they find the opportunities for me!

What have you learned from TAXI about the industry?
Soooooo much.  I’m so grateful to TAXI not only for the doors it has opened for me, and for the many true friends I’ve found among fellow members, but for everything I’ve learned during my time as a member. I’ve learned to be patient and strong, to work my butt off, to be gracious in the face of rejection, to always be a professional, to constantly raise the bar on myself, to really listen in detail to what’s getting placed right now.  I’ve also learned about the importance of relationships, and the joys of collaboration.

What are some of your proudest accomplishments to date?
I’m proudest of my continuing growth as a songwriter.  Placement-wise, I got a cool vocal placement on a reality show called K-Town a few months back; I’m very hungry for more of those.  And the HMMA nominations were pretty cool because of the red carpet experience – they really make you feel like a star for the night. 

What are your plans for the rest of 2013?
Lots of exciting things going on!  Two albums released over the summer, about a dozen collaborations in the works, a custom vocal CD for a production company, and of course the Rally – see you there!



Name: Juliet Lyons

Nassau, The Bahamas



Year Joined TAXI: 2005

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