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Dear Readers,

Staying with the Road Rally theme of this month's Transmitter, I thought I'd share some of the emails I've recently received about the Rally. I hope you enjoy them!

Hello Michael,

How are you? I hope you have recovered from the Rally. I don't know how you pull it off but you manage to make it better each and every year! It was the best one yet.

Thank you for inviting us to the TAXI Headquarters, that was so much fun. It feels like family gathering to me. ;)

I've been a member for 5 years and TAXI has changed my life.

I'd love to be in one of your TAXI ads and share my experience and success! I think it would be fun to show people that a person like me, a Rock chick with the pink hair, successfully composes music for Film and TV.

While I was on tour, bands would come up to me asking me how we got our music into Film/TV and I'd plug TAXI like I own the company, hahahaha. Truth is, I do believe in it and it's working for me and has opened many doors.

It kinda baffles me when bands have no clue what to do when all the tools and the wealth of information is right in front of them. (The TAXI Forum is like a free music education).

I'm not proud of it, but I do spent quite a bit of money on Starbucks, and a TAXI membership is less than a coffee per day at Starbucks. It's an investment.

I would've never thought that I'd compose music for two of the top daytime TV shows. Many songs I would've not written if it wasn't for a listing. I've gotten placements through [another publisher that runs listings with TAXI] as well.

The caliber of talent I collaborate with is so inspiring and makes me a better musician. Listening to my music from 5 years ago and now, what a difference! And if it wasn't for the Rally and the lobby bar, I don't think I'd have as many cool friends, libraries and collaborators.

Best of all, getting checks in the mail, seeing [the names of those two big shows] on several pages of my ASCAP statement feels extremely good and gives me a tremendous boost of confidence that I am on the right path.

TAXI is the best thing I've done to further my career as a musician. I am living my dream because of you!

I look forward to hearing back from you!
Jacqueline VanBierk

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Dear Michael,
First and foremost, I thank you for conjuring up the idea of TAXI in the first place!

After joining TAXI in February, I have been writing more than ever whether for a listing or not. I come from a stronger performance background when compared to my composition skills; so this has been a great learning experience thus far.

I attended this year's Rally and it was more than I would have ever expected! There are plenty of new contacts that I have made that are very talented and just darn good people, but let's get to the juicy part.

Sunday afternoon, as I waited for the "right" moment, I approached [hit producer] Ron Harris, to talk with him about session work. After asking him, "What is the best way to get into the business," he offered to send me a few mp3s to play bass on. I emailed him the next day as he requested, he then sent me three songs and by the end of the day I had them back to him. I patiently waited nervous as hell until the next day when he called me. What did he say? "Great feel, great note choice, something like I would of written." He called again to talk about the artist and reiterated his likings of the bass track. He also said he would tell Rob Chiarelli about me. That is huge!

I couldn't ask for more. Except for you to enjoy this happy moment with me!

P.S. This past weekend you said something to the effect of: "Find yourself in the right position instead of ambushing industry heavyweights." One simple yet very meaningful statement that may have helped me land this opportunity.

Thank you!
Matthew Moss

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Thank you for TAXI but more specifically, the TAXI Road Rally. I've been at the TAXI Rally four consecutive years now. I'm very appreciative for all the contacts I have made and continue to make. It is truly an ocean of resources for the independent artist. And quite simply, it's just fun!

I want to share with you and celebrate with you. I have always looked for my personal "on-ramp" to my personal highway of music industry success. It's a journey, and the music business has always felt like a highway with no entry ramps for me. Not anymore.

I met a [Film/TV Music Publisher] at a TAXI Rally two years ago. He kept my CD, and we communicated by emails throughout the past two years. I was so excited the night I received his contract to review, just prior to this year's Rally. Nervous too. I signed with him and look forward to the work I'll be doing for him. I am so happy with this deal! Not only is he a savvy music business entrepreneur, but he is a very personable human being. Great sense of humor. I'm going to learn so much!

It's like magic, isn't it? You plant a seed. Years later, a tree can be seen and it looks and feels magical. Everyone sees a tree but very few understand how it happened much less appreciate the process. I'm sure you can say the same for TAXI and how it has evolved throughout the years.

Thanks for the Road Rally. I have been a TAXI member since the early 2000s, but attending the Road Rally the last 4 consecutive years. I've received at least 20 forwards during my membership but nothing has materialized till now. If it wasn't for the Rally, it's possible that I still wouldn't have my first deal.

There's something to be said for meeting people and building relationships. The Rally is a perfect vehicle for doing this. I am very grateful for the time and mindset of the professionals who attend. It's amazing how many valid and qualified individuals are collected for that event!

I have been receiving your emails for years. You are a very positive and infectious kind of person. I understand why TAXI is successful just from watching you at Rally. Reading your emails. It starts from the top. I have been persistent for many years and have not always felt positive. The TAXI critiques alone can provoke some dark feelings... lol! Nevertheless, I finally have my first deal via TAXI.

I finally get to say you. This is not possible without your vision and consistent positivity. I never gave up on TAXI and the best way I can describe why is by quoting one of your featured keynote guests [Jeffrey Steele] from the Rally past: "TAXI's got soul." Yes it does.

As long as you're steering the ship, I agree 100%.

Thank you Michael. Thanks for never giving up on TAXI! In a way, because you've never given up on TAXI, it's how you have never given up on artists like me.

Best Regards,
Ron Potter

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Hey, I just wanted to write to say THANK YOU for yet another AMAZING conference you and your staff put together. This was my 5th RR that I've attended and I have to say it was my favorite one so far! It was awesome seeing the TAXI Headquarters, getting the "official" tour, and getting the chance to talk about this year's conference LIVE on UStream too!

A lot of people really don't realize the amount of work it takes to put together a huge event like this. I just wanted to acknowledge your efforts and hard work you put in year after year so we as songwriters/musicians can have the opportunity to get our music out to the people that need it.

Like I said before, I have learned more about music and the business of music in the 6 years of being a TAXI member than in the past 15-20 years hands down. So thanks again for another GREAT Conference!

Steven Archdeacon

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