TAXI Road Rally Hit Songwriters Panel

Hit Songwriters Panel, Part 4
You won't want to miss the last part of the Hit Songwriters Panel, which includes advice on how you could be a more successful songwriter.


Broadcast Quality
Are you already making broadcast quality recordings and just don't know it? Find out what broadcast quality means, and why you don't need a state-of-the-art studio to achieve it!

Broadcast Quality
Derek Handy

Passenger Profile: Derek Handy
Being the youngest of five children who all played musical instruments, itís no wonder that Derek Handy chose music as a career. Currently an elementary school music school teacher, Derek credits TAXI with being there before anyone.

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Justin Mather

Justin Mather has songs placed in two popular TV shows...

Patrick Rydman

NBC show features song by Patrick Rydman...

Jay Ramsey & Bob Kelly

Jay Ramsey and Bob Kelly just wrapped up a high four-figure deal for 10 songs...


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AxePort Pro

A Portable, Professional 24-bit/96 kHz Direct Box

Fett's TAXI Tech Tip: Recording Acoustic Guitar

Recording Acoustic Guitar

Great Tips on Mixing
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Fett's TAXI Tech Tip: Recording Electric Guitar

Recording Electric Guitar

How to Record an
Electric Guitar for
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