TAXI Road Rally Hit Songwriters Panel

Songwriting Tips for Success
From songs on the radio to working in Nashville to staying current with music, these mega-hit songwriters share what it takes to make it in the music business.


Getting Your Music on the Radio; Yes You Can!
Radio still remains the fastest and least expensive way to reach large numbers of people who love music! Find out how you can increase your chances of getting your music on the radio.

Jon Flanagan
Aimée Allen

Passenger Profile: Aimée Allen
Aimée Allen is a music business attorney who represents new emerging artists. But she refuses to let music out of her life. She's been to Paris and currently lives in New York where the Jazz scene is bustling.

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Hanspeter Kruesi

Hanspeter Kruesi has song on ABC's "Ugly Betty"...

Mike Mostert

New Seth Green movie features song by Mike Mostert...

Denny Earnest

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Timeline to success

Bobby Borg Video

Hit Songwriter Jason Blume recounts his first song cut.

How Good do my
demos have to be?

How Good Do My Demos Have To Be?

TAXI's Michael Laskow defines and answers this popular question.



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