I Wouldn't Have a
Music Career Without TAXI

Passenger Profile: Stephen Baird

By Kenny Kerner
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Stephen was hired as a writer for a popular daytime show.

A drummer, a guitarist, a choreographer, a martial arts expert...you name it and Stephen Baird mastered it. This is a fascinating story of a TAXI member whose talents and aspirations know no limits. Let's find out more...

What was the music scene like in Jacksonville, Florida, when you were in your late teens and early 20s?
The Rock scene was very lively. There have been a lot of successful Rock bands from the Jacksonville area over the years, the most well known probably being Lynyrd Skynyrd. Limp Bizkit, Yellow Card, and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are all from the Jacksonville area and they were all blowing up while I was in high school and college. It was exciting because, as a musician, it gave me hope. Seeing all those local bands on MTV and hearing them on the radio was very cool and inspiring.

Tell us about the very first song you ever wrote. What was it called? What inspired you to write it and was it any good?
I wrote my first song when I was 12, about a month after I had first started playing guitar. It was called, "Cold" and it was about how much I hated cold weather! It wasn't half bad for a first try, and I still remember how to play it as well as all the lyrics. Writing songs is actually how I learned to play the guitar. Aside from my mother teaching me three first position chords, I never had any lessons. The Internet wasn't nearly as prevalent as it is today either, so I would just put my fingers in random places on the fretboard until I came up with a decent sounding chord.

You've been into music all your life yet you graduated from the University of North Florida with a degree in Business Administration. Why not something in the music field?
Every since I was kid, people have always been very supportive of me doing music. However, when I would tell people that I wanted to make money writing music they would always look at me like I just stuck a crayon up my nose. They would then go on to tell me how it is impossible to make money writing music, and to a point I started believing them. So, I got a degree in business instead and took a few music theory classes as electives. If I could do it over again, I would do it the same. I think that having a business degree makes me well rounded, and it has given me a perspective on the business side of the music business that I think a lot of musicians don't have.

Residence: Jacksonville, Florida
Age: 25
Occupation: Office manager/instrumental composer
Year Joined TAXI: 2007
Web Site: www.myspace.com/slideboardouts

It seems to me that choreographing and composing for a dance troop of sorts, is very similar to composing for a scene in a movie or TV. Is that correct? Is that how you made the transition?
I think the two are very similar. In my opinion, if you want to produce a great martial arts or dance performance you need to think of it is a short movie. The choreography and music needs to take the audience through multiple emotions or the performance will get stale. It's definitely one of the ways I transitioned to writing for scenes. In both cases, the scene dictates the music. You have to know when to put the pedal to the metal and when to pull back.

What was it about TAXI that made you become a member?
TAXI's claims of being able to get my music heard by the right people caught my attention, but I was very skeptical. I did a lot of research on the company, and there were two things that really convinced me that TAXI wasn't some kind of scam and that I needed to sign up. One was how highly TAXI members spoke about the company on the TAXI forums as well as other music forums. The other was how dedicated to customer service the TAXI staff seemed to be, especially the president Michael Laskow.

How has TAXI helped your career thus far?
If it weren't for TAXI, I wouldn't have a music career. Not only has TAXI gotten me a few nice deals in less than a year's time, but being a member has improved my focus and composition skills. If you were to listen to the music I wrote a few weeks before joining TAXI and then listen to the music I was writing after just six months of being a member, you would think it was two completely different composers.

What was your proudest accomplishment so far in your career?
My proudest accomplishment in my career so far would definitely have to be getting hired as a writer for a very popular daytime talk show, which was a direct result of a TAXI forward I might add!

What do you still want to accomplish over the coming years?
One of my goals is to establish a relationship with at least one more music library and sign at least 50 more cues by the end of 2009. I would also love to produce a song for a chart topping artist from anywhere in the world. More on the composition side of things, I would like to learn how to compose orchestral music as that is one of my biggest weaknesses right now.


According to Stephen, if not for TAXI, he would have no career in the music business. Make it out to the TAXI Road Rally and see what everyone's raving about. See why we're the leading independent A&R company in the world! And if you missed it, check the Web site for a recap.

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