Hit Songwriters Panel, Part 3, TAXI Road Rally 2007

In the final part of this interview, Brian Howes, Don Rollins, Adam Watts, Andy Dodd, and Mike Elizondo take questions from the audience about how to write fresh lyrics, collaborate with other writers, and more. Read the full story

Passenger Profile: Justin Mather

With a BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies in the olí hip pocket, Mather decided to dash it all for a career in music? Crazy? Smart like a fox? See how TAXI linked Mather's music with the industry.Read the full story

Take Action: Don't Let Congress Orphan Your Work
Congress is quietly passing a significant change to the Copyright Act that will radically restructure copyright law and legalize the infringement of artists' rights. Tess Taylor writes about how big changes to the Copyright Act will affect you and what you can do about it.Read the full story

Member Deals Cool Stuff Industry Videos

Robert and co-writer's song in "America's Funniest Home Videos"_._._.

Jonny Blu's first album released in Europe_._._.

"Lipstick Jungle" included song by Jeff Lopez_._._.

Harvey Roundtree Jr. signed his album_._._.

She Might Have Heard Your Music!

Katy Perry worked at TAXI before and during the making of her CD that's screaming up the charts!

Earning Your Living with Film & TV Placements, Part 3

Highly successful TAXI Member Matt Hirt gives the keys to the kingdom in this incredibly comprehensive video and teaches you how to build a REAL career in Film & TV Music.

What the Christian Music Market is Looking For,
Part 1

Universal Music Publishing, V.P. of Christian music, Michael Puryear, talks about where the current Christian music market is going.



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