Hit Songwriters Panel, Part 2, TAXI Road Rally 2007

In the second part of this interview, Brian Howes, Don Rollins, Adam Watts, Andy Dodd, and Mike Elizondo talk about the craft songwriting, including some of the most difficult parts of the process. Read the full story

Passenger Profile: Jean Custeau

As a member from Canada, Jean Custeau has used TAXI to help him open the door to the U.S. market. Find out biggest musical thrill so far, about his song recently placed in "Monk," and more.Read the full story

Ten Practical Tips for Working With Pro Studios
It's easier than ever to work collaboratively with pro studios, but good practices still need to be observed—now more than ever. You won't want to miss this article, written by Fett, independent producer and engineer, and owner of Azaela Studios.Read the full story

Member Deals Cool Stuff Industry Videos

Stephen Baird hired as composer for very popular daytime talk show_._._.

James Henderson has several songs placed in Indie film_._._.

New Logo/MTV series to feature a song by Darrin Frison_._._.

Mikey Likes It!

Send your scratch track, they do the rest! A-list session players, killer sound. Online, from anywhere. Highly recommended.

Film & TV Placements, 2

Highly successful TAXI Member Matt Hirt teaches you how to build a REAL career in Film & TV Music Placements/Licensing.

How to Prepare for Your Recording Session

Producer, engineer, and tech editor, "Fett," helps you get the best results from your session.



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