Forwards, But No Calls Yet Panel

If you missed this panel at the 2007 TAXI Road Rally, you won't want to miss what these panelists had to say! Find out how 11-year TAXI member Matt Hirt, Co-Founder of BFM Digital Steven Corn, President of Crucial Music Tanvi Patel, President of Songs With Vision Danny McCloskey, and TAXI A&R Team Member Matthias Weber reacted to this common comment from TAXI members: "I've been forwarded 27 times and I don't have a deal yet, and it's already been 90 days." Read the full story

Passenger Profile: Misha Williams

Misha might only be 21-years-old, but her music is already in Japan and the UK. Find out why Misha, despite her worldwide success, decided to join TAXI and learn how it is helping her learn in a music industry that's constantly changing.Read the full story

The DIY Guide to Singing in the Studio
Cliff Goldmacher owns recording studios, and has played on and produced over 40 independent albums. Find out why Cliff believes that in today's independent musical environment, it's typically the case that you will play the part of not only the artist, but the manager, record label and producer, too.Read the full story

Member Deals Cool Stuff Industry News

Gabriele Bazzi Berneri's song in ABC show_._._.

Two NBC shows feature songs by Will Derryberry_._._.

Joe Aukofer's tune is in an upcoming movie from Lionsgate_._._.

Ted Fox signed a four-year exclusive contract_._._.

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Who is the Next Great Record Man?

Monte's the man with the magic touch_._._.

Jack and Jacko!

Find out who's on top of the charts_._._.

Thompson In, Shaev Resigns at Capitol Music Group

Veteran exec is new head of promotion_._._.

Bulletin Board

Beatles music used to sell diapers? And more madness in the music industry_._._.



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