“I Was Meant for... Sharing Songs With the World”

Passenger Profile: Luke Boor

By Kenny Kerner
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Luke Boor is a walking, talking promotion machine. He currently attends Musicians Institute in Hollywood where I am the Director of the Music Business Program. This kid is hanging up color posters everywhere there's a wall! But the cool part is that his music is really good and he has a great image and stage presence.

So why, at 21, with all of that going, would he opt to become a member of TAXI? I'll let him tell you in his own words:

Do you come from a musical family? Were your parents, brothers, sisters, musically inclined?

A lot of relatives on my dad's side of the family are musically inclined. My dad has been playing fiddle and mandolin his whole life. He still finds time to record and play out live. My two older brothers have been musically talented as far back as I can remember. Rock bands, poetry mixed with music, really creative stuff. One of my older brothers continues to play the San Francisco music scene and the other is now a Monk living in West Virginia, writing and recording church hymns. My mom's tone deaf and my little brother's a video game addict...

What first attracted you to music?

What first attracted me was the things that attract every young kid. Being a Rock star, MTV, being on the radio, playing huge stages in front of thousands of cute, screaming girls... you know, the works.

When I got a little older and a little more mature, I fell in love with the real part of music. I fell in love with the fact that someone can write out a hook they have in their head, and that hook can touch millions of people, and before you know it, artists are changing people's lives. I was inspired by seeing someone get on stage in front of a thousand or more people and grab their undivided attention... it was a rush seeing it, and I was gonna do anything to feel the rush of being that guy on the stage.

What instruments do you play and when did you begin playing?

My main instrument is my voice. I've been singing forever. I did a lot of musical theater, started at age 10. In my early teens, I picked up guitar and started out learning the songs of my favorite artists... about 16, I started taking guitar more seriously, taking lessons, etc.

Do you remember when you wrote your first original song? What was it called? Was it good?

Haha yeah... I was 13 years old... I heard a good song from a movie... took the title, took the catch line, put my own chords to it, called it my own. It was called "Rocket Ship." Honestly, besides the slight plagiarism, it was a really good song, impressive for being 13 and writing it on bass guitar... it was the first hit from my first band, but then my band mates heard the original song from the movie, and "Rocket Ship" crashed and burned before it really took off.

When did you decide you could have a career in the music business and actually make a living making music?

I was a sophomore in high school, 16 years old. My friends and I had a Pop/Punk band. Long story short: My girlfriend broke up with me, I wrote a song about it, my band and I took it to the studio. The final product was amazing. It was a really good recording... and the song frickin' caught fire and blew up in my hometown.

Everybody was singing it, the song was jamming outa every car in the high school parking lot. Our shows got packed, and everybody knew the words. The song even got radio airplay on the main Rock radio station in Houston.

That's when I realized... I have the talent to write a song and get a town of 75,000 people hooked on it. Why not get the whole world hooked? I realized that I didn't have the talent my other friends did. They were meant for medical school, law school, real universities. I was meant for writing songs and sharing them with the world...

You are currently attending Musicians Institute in Hollywood. Why did you decide to go to a music college for your education?

I was never able to concentrate in high school. I don't like learning about stuff I don't care for. But with this school, I'm in class learning about the things I care for... songwriting, music business, EVERYTHING. I'm learning from teachers who are successful because they did it themselves! And I'm friends with them! You (Kenny Kerner) discovered KISS! Richie Zito, my songwriting teacher, has produced some of my favorite songs from the '80s! It's a dream come true...

Not to mention, I'm in Hollywood, California. I'm in a shark tank, and I'm doing what I wanna do and what I should be doing. I'm writing, recording, playing out, and I'm having success at it. It's the best time of my life!

Did you have any preconceived ideas about what the music business was like?

Definitely... I think when everybody is first getting their feet wet, they think it's a whole lot easier than it is. When I first started, I was like, "OK, I'm not a bad-looking guy, I can write a good song, and I put on a great show! I'll be signed by next week!"

Now I know that you can have everything going for you, and it still may never happen the way you want it to. I learned that there's definitely an element of luck in it... but more importantly, I learned that YOU have to set yourself up for luck, YOU are responsible for making luck come to you... and that's HARD WORK. I also learned that things don't always happen the way you want them to... so you have to be prepared, and you have to ask yourself... "If I'm never a Rock star, will I still be happy living my life and playing music?"

I've had a lot of music forwarded to people and labels and contacts, the people who I want to hear my stuff. I'm getting a lot of compliments and good criticism.

How did you first hear about TAXI and what made you become a member?

Heard about TAXI a couple years ago...and thought it was A GIFT FROM THE GODS! It slipped my mind for a while though, maybe because I didn't feel I had material worthy enough.

Earlier this year though, I started hearing about it again from my instructors at school. Researched it online and learned more about it. I just love putting my work out there and having it ripped apart, because if you can take that and learn from it, you'll be a better person all around! I realized that TAXI has what it takes to get your music to the right people, if your music's ready... that was the final factor on me joining, I wanted to see if I was ready...

How has TAXI helped with your career so far?

So far a lot has happened. I've had a lot of music forwarded to people and labels and contacts, the people who I want to hear my stuff. I'm getting a lot of compliments and good criticism.

What are your plans for 2008?

Just to continue what I'm doing... continue taking everything I can from the school and using it in my music and my life... it's gotten me to an unbelievable level, and I wanna keep getting better... I wanna record a full-length album, tour... get my stuff out there, live the life... I wanna be a monster!

Talk about positive thinking! Luke Boor is already a monster... he understands what it takes to succeed. He's not afraid to ask questions and learn. He wants to read the TAXI critiques and make his songs better. Luke, we're pullin' for ya. Welcome to the TAXI family!

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