TAXI Road Rally 2007

About the Rally, TAXI member Dave Walton said, "The Rally is free, but the value to me is beyond calculation." If you missed what many are calling a life-changing weekend, be sure to check out photos and testimonials about the high-level industry access and education that you can only find at the TAXI Road Rally. Read the full story

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

TAXI President/CEO Michael Laskow recounts three of his favorite interviews. You won't want to miss these insightful conversations with Jim Long, who has owned and operated some of the most successful production music libraries in the world, Jonathan Wolff, who wrote the score to Seinfeld, and Steve Corn, co-founder of Big Fish Media, LLC.Read the full story

Passenger Profile: Luke Boor
At age 16, Luke Boor wrote a song and the next thing he knew, everyone in his hometown was singing it and the song was jamming out of every car in his high school parking lot. Just five years late, Luke is now a student at the Musicians Institute and is aiming toward a full-length album and tour.Read the full story

Member Deals Tips Industry News

Gary Sredzienski's song was featured in Dirty Sexy Money_._._.

Everybody Hates Chris included a song by Brad Mersereau_._._.

Joe Curtis had two songs placed on the Friday Night Lights DVDs_._._.

What A Producer Does & Why You Should Consider Using One

Check out these must-read tips from producer and songwriter Cliff Goldmacher_._._.

Music Retail Continues Decline

Borders, Hastings CD sales in a tailspin_._._.

Thanksgiving Weekend Leftovers

Amy Adams and Enchanted rise to the top_._._.

Trakin Care of Business

Dylan, Wussy, Born in the Bronx, and more_._._.

Bulletin Board

The Rolling Stones are raking it in and more_._._.



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