Road Rally 2007
Quickly Coming Down the Pike!

How are you going to spend your precious vacation days this year?
Golfing?  Fishing?  Looking at some wind-worn rock formations?

Why not spend a few of your vacation days doing something incredible for your music career? Come to this year's Road Rally – TAXI's FREE, members-only convention!

Need a little more convincing? Read this...

Dear Michael,

Because we came to the Rally, we had significant exposure to, and meaningful conversations with A&M V.P. of A&R, Tony Ferguson; Aware/Columbia V.P. of A&R, Steve Smith; ASCAP V.P.s Ralph Murphy and Randy Grimmet, the President of Leiber & Stoller Music Publishing, Randy Poe, hit songwriters Ben Margulies, Jack Tempchin, Steve Seskin and Rick Nowels; and producers, Rob Chiarelli and Jay King. Each of them now has our music in their hands. Many of them sought us out during the course of the weekend!

I can't say enough about what an incredible experience the Road Rally was. What you do for musicians goes well beyond TAXI as a business. It's more like a public service. You give so much to the music community by fostering this incredible and supportive environment. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

Robin, Kelly & Kamille Rudisill

taxi music convention
Just SOME of the highlights are:
  • Open Mics all three nights (performers drawn at random – your first gig in Hollywood!)

  • One-to-One Mentoring – A&R People, Producers, Hit Songwriters, and Industry Pros of all kinds will sit down and listen to your song and/or your questions.

  • "There were so many great speakers and classes that choosing between them was difficult! It's amazing that you can 'get up close and personal' with so many music industry people at the Rally. I also loved the opportunity to listen to/participate in music-making, at the open mics and jams. I came away with a real sense of how high the bar is, but yet also a real belief that I can reach that bar if I work at it."


    Vikki Flawith

    Drivers' Ed Classes – Incredible breakout classes with some of the nation's top songwriting, vocal, marketing, and production coaches. You're going to want go to more than one of these!

  • A&R Pitch Panel, Alternate Genres – For all the people who make music in genres that the major labels could care less about. You asked, we delivered. Randomly drawn songs get heard by top A&R Execs from the Jazz, World, Christian and Dance/Electronica genres.

  • Producers Panel – Other conventions put a bunch of producers on panels to tell you how they make hits in multi-million dollar studios. We'll have people that will tell you how to do it in your home studio in terms that everyone can understand. No lofty B.S. at this convention.

  • Do It Yourself – D.I.Y. experts give you advice you can actually use to dramatically improve your career. This is a must see for Indie artists.

  • Major Label A&R Q&A / Pitch Panels – No convention anywhere delivers this many high-quality A&R people on these panels. Our panelists are handpicked for the "accessibility" and position in the industry. Panelists include A&R Execs from A&M, Columbia, Sony Music Nashville, Octone and Sony Urban.

  • "Michael:

    I was truly baffled at how you can offer a convention that is worth way more than the annual price of a TAXI membership, let alone the fact that you allow a guest to come for free as well. You could easily charge $400 per person for such an event."

    Kerry Cox

    Music Library Pitch Panel – Randomly picked songs get played. Lots of member deals/film & TV placements have happened as a result of this panel!

  • Hit Songwriters Panel – We get the world's best songwriters, and put them in a room with you. Find out how they create their monster hits. Learn from the best. Just a few of the past panelists have included Jack Tempchin (hit songwriter for the Eagles), Lamont Dozier & Brian Holland (Motown legends) and Jeffrey Steele (Nashville superstar) plus many, many more.

  • Music Publishers, Pitch and Q&A – Randomly picked member songs are listened to and your questions are answered.

  • Member Success Stories – You've read about them in the Deals section on our Web site, now hear their stories first hand. See how using TAXI has helped them reach their goals!

We're still adding panelists and tweaking all the details. We'll keep you updated as we do.

Because TAXI's membership has grown so much during the last year, and we're moving the Rally to this incredible new venue, seats are going faster than ever before. I STRONGLY urge you to register EARLY this year.

I know it's easy to procrastinate, but please don't wait to register at the last moment. We've already been getting calls from anxious members, so we think registration is going to fill up very quickly.

Click this link to see more pictures of last year's Rally!

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"The Road Rally was the most productive weekend of my music career."
— Dean Person,
TAXI Member

"I had the drive, and the passion. I just needed help, and you keep supplying it."
— Justin K.,
TAXI Member

"Thanks to TAXI I no longer have a day job! The membership fee was a drop in the bucket compared to what I have earned because of TAXI."
— George Nelson,
TAXI Member

"Your dedication and hard work never ceases to amaze me."
— Jimmy Clark,
TAXI Member

"My writing and production skills have improved 200%! Although some credit belongs to me for such hard work, a lot belongs to you!"
— Chris Musulin,
TAXI Member

"I found the Road Rally to not only be incredibly informative, but also a total blast! The convention makes the TAXI membership fee seem a bargain!"
— Jessica Treat,
TAXI Member