by Jeff and Todd Brabec
As of July 1, 2007, the United States Copyright Office reduced the filing fee for copyright registrations which are filed online rather than sent in as a paper file.

Songwriters, composers and lyricists who chose to use this online option will have to pay only $35.00 rather than the $45.00 fee for paper applications.

To submit the application online, you should go to and provide the necessary information to complete the registration.

Payment can be made by credit card or, if applicable, via your Copyright Office deposit account.

In addition to the reduced fee, another advantage of online registration is that the effective date of the registration will, in cases where the application, deposit and deposit copy are all submitted via the internet, be earlier than the effective date of a paper registration which is mailed to the U.S. Copyright Office.

If paper applications are used, as of July 1, 2007, many current forms were replaced by new forms which can, because of new scanning software, be processed in a more efficient manner and at a faster pace.

© 2007 Jeff Brabec, Todd Brabec

This article is based on information contained in the new, revised paperback edition of the book "Music, Money, And Success: The Insider's Guide To Making Money In The Music Business" written by Jeffrey Brabec and Todd Brabec (Published by Schirmer Trade Books/Music Sales).

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