Robbie Robertson: A Living Legend, Live at the Rally

If you missed this interview at the 2006 Road Rally, you won't want to miss it here! Read about Robbie Robertson's nearly 50-year career in the industry, including all about what made him decide to write songs and his work with The Band. Read the full story

Passenger Profile: Frank Longo

Along with his two brothers, this TAXI member from Canada has had five songs picked to hit the Billboard charts. Find out how Frank went from playing the accordion as a child to getting a five-song deal with an L.A.-based publisher through TAXI.Read the full story

The Professional Songwriter's Code of Conduct

Here are the basics to the Professional Songwriter's Code of Conduct. Read them. Memorize them. Practice them religiously. Following these rules will instantly separate you from the throngs of amateur wannabes.Read the full story

Member Deals Recording Info Industry News

Ron Ermini has songs placed in "House"_._._.

Jody Adams has three songs in "Access Hollywood" and one on a hit CW show_._._.

Ross Seligman signed with a L.A.-based music publisher_._._.

What to do Before You Go Into the Studio to Record Your Indie CD

Check out these must-read tips from producer and songwriter Cliff Goldmacher.

Linkin Parks at the Top

Tank bows at number 2, Wilco, Wilson, Megadeth also in Top 10_._._.

EC Approves UMG-BMG Publishing Merger

European regulatory give approval, but IMPALA reserves judgment_._._.

EMI Sold to U.K. Group

British firm Terra Firma plans to keep company together_._._.

Bulletin Board

Retro bands still rock_._._.



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