TAXI Road Rally 2006

CD Baby's Derek Sivers called this year's Road Rally "priceless." If you missed what many are calling a life-changing weekend, be sure to check out photos and testimonials about the high-level industry access and education that you can only find at the TAXI Road Rally.Read the full story

Passenger Profile: Bob Porembski

While most of his other friends were working odd day jobs, Bob was out gigging for a living-making money making music at the age of 11! Find out why this TAXI member now says that musicians need many "hats" to survive and thrive in the business.Read the full story

The Internet Will Make You a Star: Fact or Fantasy?

Don't miss the second part of Michael Laskow's interview with Steve Corn, co-founder of Big Fish Media, and read Steve's answer to this question: "I get calls and e-mails from hundreds of artists per year that say, 'If TAXI can help me get my CD to a distributor who will then get it into every record store in America, then I will be very successful.' Is that fact or fantasy?"Read the full story

Member Deals Cool Stuff Industry News

Jim Pearce's song featured in Canadian dramedy_._._.

A song by Dave Walton was played in "Feed the Children" program_._._.

Sarah Lewis' signed a non-exclusive deal with a production music library_._._.

Great Magazine
25% Off If You're On This List

American Songwriter magazine covers every aspect of the craft and art of songwriting, from how and why writers give birth to their songs, to engaging, informative assessments of our songwriting culture as a whole.

EMI on the Block?

Who will buy the music company for more than $5bn?_._._.

Jay-Z Ready to Rule

He reigns the sales throne on the busiest sales weekend of the year_._._.

Monday Morning Leftovers

Happy Feet, music, Borat, Grammy picks, and more_._._.

Bulletin Board

Barry Manilow, Terri Clark, and more_._._.



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"As writer/artists from another country, we see TAXI as the single best opportunity we have for direct exposure to the US music industry."
— Peter Martin,
TAXI Member