Road Rally 2006: Quickly Coming Down the Pike!

Invaluable information; networking with musicians, artists and songwriters; unheard of access to industry insiders. Come and find out why TAXI's annual Road Rally is considered the best convention in the music biz.Read the full story

Interview With TAXI Founder and CEO, Michael Laskow

When journalist Paul Balkin sat down with Michael Laskow, Michael had one rule: he didn't want the interview to be about him. This in-depth interview looks at how bands can learn to write great songs, what people can do when they don't want to be Rock stars, and most importantly, who will succeed in the new music business.Read the full story

Passenger Profile: Sam Gigliotti

For TAXI member Sam Gigliotti, music is all about conveying emotions. He toured, recorded his own music, and played hundreds of gigs before he figured out how to make a career out of music. His answer came when he found out how to combine his passion for music and love of technology.Read the full story

Member Deals Member News Industry News

Ruth Roshan signs single-song deal with music library_._._.

Shane Cooley has song placed in IFC TV show_._._.

Robert Porembski's song is a seasonal hit on several networks_._._.

ZOX Spends Summer Touring Europe, U.S.

The Van's Warped Tour and three festivals in Europe were just part of the band's busy summer.

I.B. Bad: 'Tube or Not 'Tube

Big four split on latest Internet phenomenon_._._.

This Justin: Timberlake Still on Top

Clay Aiken is also looking to gain the #1 spot_._._.

Wheels and Deals: Boob Tube Launches Stars

TV exposure just as good as Top 40 radio_._._.

Bulletin Board

Bono, Elvis, Celine, Madonna and more_._._.



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