Kira Leydon Is Anything But "Invisible" With Her New Hit Song

By Rachel Laskow

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For just about any musician, TAXI member Kira Leyden's recent deal is like a dream come true.

A few years ago, after Kira and her band Jaded Era played a show in Akron, Ohio, an ex-Arista A&R guy in the audience loved what he heard and asked for their CD.

Kira didn't think anything of it at first, but the next thing she knew, the ex-Arista A&R guy called her and said, "'Invisible' is a really great song.'" He sent the song to A&M Records, and flew her band to California. They were interested in signing Jaded Era to a record deal.

"It was a dream scenario," Kira says.

Though they didn't end up signing with A&M, the label was still interested in their song "Invisible" to be possibly recorded by a couple of bands on A&M's roster. Incredibly, the band turned down these offers as they felt they hadn't found the right situation for their best song.

But then came the big break.

Ron Fair, the president of A&M, called and said he wanted the song for Ashlee Simpson's newest single release. Kira and the rest of the Jaded Era members gave Fair the thumbs up. As of this article, Ashlee's version of "Invisible" is #4 on the iTunes Top Songs list and is climbing up the Billboard charts.

"We're (now) in a good position to get out there and make some noise," Kira said.

Kira admits that she was skeptical about the deal at first because it's difficult hearing someone else sing a song that's so personal to her. "I see it on MTV and it's insane. I'm more excited than I thought I'd ever be," she said.

Jaded Era has been together for 10 years. For now, they are recording more songs, and just completed two independent music videos. They also plan to keep using TAXI for helpful feedback on their new songs and to increase their Music Industry exposure.

"The more people who hear us, the better. TAXI is a great way to get outside ears to hear your songs," she said.

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