Do It Yourself Panel — Part 1
TAXI Road Rally 2005

Did you miss this panel live? Here's the first part of the panel featuring Tony VanVeen, Gilli Moon, Derek Sivers, Lydia Hutchinson, Mike Farley, and Fett. You won't want to miss it!Read the full story

Passenger Profile: Sarah Lewis

Sarah Lewis and her band Jag Star were chosen as one of the Top 10 bands in the Dick Clark/Coca-Cola New Music Awards. Find out Sarah's proudest moment and why she had this to say about TAXI: "TAXI is the BEST outlet to get our music out there to the people looking for our specific sound."Read the full story

TAXI Member Elliott Park's Song, "I Loved Her First" Is Climbing the Charts

His song is in the top 20 iTunes Country downloads and is at number 32 in Billboard. Learn how he got the cut and how TAXI helped him get there.Read the full story

Member News: Kira Leyden Is Anything But "Invisible" With Her New Hit Song

Her song, "Invisible," is Ashlee Simpson's latest single. Find out how Kira's band from Akron, Ohio got their big break and how it's helping propel their career.Read the full story

Member Deals Cool Stuff Industry News

William Livesay's song appears in a new wrestling themed horror flick titled El Mascarado Massacre_._._.

Instrumental composer Peter Rowley signs a three-song deal_._._.

Phil Bender- Stone has a song placed in UPN's "guilty pleasure" hit TV show America's Next Top Model_._._.

International Songwriting Competition Now Accepting Entries

Grand Prize worth more than $40,000.


New Course at UCLA

The Insider's Guide to Music Management.

NOW and Forever

Now 22, Los Lonely Boys, Rodney Atkins Debut, Gnarls Still Gnarly_._._.

All They Need Is the Beatles

If Microsoft can pry catalog from the Fab Four, their digital play might make sense_._._.

Vivendi Is Top Bidder for BMG Music Publishing

Warner, BC Partners, EMI still in the mix as the auction goes on_._._.

Bulletin Board

Meatloaf, Streisand, Clapton, and more_._._.



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