TAXI Member Lands 20-Song Deal

By Rachel Laskow
taxi member 20 song deal
When Montana TAXI member Denny Earnest submitted a few Blues songs to a Dispatch listing in October 2005, he had no idea it would lead to a 20-song deal with Rescue Records. Shortly after he submitted the songs, he got a call from Rescue Records asking him to send in more. He sent in two more CDs and Rescue Records ended up offering to sign almost every tune.

Rescue Records signs artists, not individual songs, for placement in TV and film projects. In a way, Denny got a record deal and library deal all at once.

Through the deal, Denny hopes to see a ton of new song placements in film and TV projects. He's also happy about the deal because the songs include his own vocals, as opposed to the instrumental tracks he's signed with other music libraries. Songs with vocals placed in a TV show tend to have a higher performance-royalty pay rate.

"It's nice to get my vocals and stories out there," added Denny.

A TAXI member since 1994, Denny credits the A&R company for helping people (including himself) who don't have access to Hollywood and the music industry in general.

"TAXI does all the road work. If you get forwarded through TAXI, you know your song will get listened to," he said.

Denny has been in the music business for 30 years, and has had songs placed in Friends, Judging Amy, and a variety of MTV shows, just to name a few. A self-professed "recording geek," Denny plans to keep playing live, writing, and recording.

"I feel lucky that I'm in my 50s and still playing music," he said.

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