By Rachel Laskow

Although TAXI Member Lee Nestor is a songwriter and performer, she recently landed a new role: actor. She appeared in a TV pilot called Bitter Sweet. The pilot won Best Drama at the New York Television Festival and is currently being considered by a major television network.

Bitter Sweet is a dramady about a perfect couple, Elizabeth and Taylor, two young advertising students mentored by legendary ad man Jack Horne. But when Elizabeth left Taylor at the altar, their lives changed. Mr. Horne passes away and his Bitter Sweet Ad Agency is left in the hands of Elizabeth and Taylor.

Nestor found out about the show by word of mouth, and won the part of May, a very naughty but nice secretary.

Currently, Nestor is working on Bitter Sweet, but she is also writing songs, rehearsing with her band, developing her fan base, and performing at clubs in New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville.

Her song "Birthday Bash" has been added to the playlist of LA's iRadio station 90.3.

"I have been lucky to get my songs forwarded through TAXI, hoping that it will culminate in a recording deal soon," Nestor said.

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"I've had several meetings at Dreamworks Records and made several new contacts as a result of belonging to TAXI."
— John Scott,
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