First Major Label Cut Is Also the First Single

TAXI Member Daniel Holter's song "I Wanna Be"
makes its way to Emma Roberts's debut album.

Even though he recently moved to Milwaukee, he still saw TAXI as the best way to get his music heard in L.A. Find out how he got the deal by submitting to a TAXI listing.Read the full story

Road Rally 2005: Quickly Coming Down the Pike!

How are you going to spend your precious vacation days this year? Golfing? Fishing? Looking at some wind-worn rock formations? Why not spend a few of your vacation days doing something incredible for your music career? Come to this year's Road Rally - TAXI's FREE, members-only convention!
Read the full story

Ralph Murphy: Vice President for ASCAP Nashville

Murphy gives advice to aspiring writers trying to make it big in the music business and answers this popular question, among many others: "If everybody in the industry is so astute and looking so desperately for these obvious big honkin' hits, why is there so much crap on the radio?"Read the full story

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Sally Anthony's song "Vent" was licensed by Songs 4 Film for the movie Van Vorst Park_._._.

Indie flick Vegas Baby will use the song "Never Again" by Frank Palmieri_._._.

Goshen, CA's David Rebb Firman signed a three-sing publishing deal with Inter Music Library_._._.

Kate Voegele Rocks Farm Aid

Hot Weasel on Weasel CMJ Action

Lots of bands and traffic at this year's Confab_._._.

Capitol's Chaos Theory Lifts Paul's New LP

Flawless marketing plan for new McCartney _._._.

RLG/Nashville Heads Into Huge Fourth Quarter

Country starts plan high-profile releases_._._.

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Yahoo's online music search, Stefani's 2nd solo CD, and more_._._.


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