Jenna Drey Climbs the Charts

By Rachel Laskow
Taxi Member Climbs Billboard Charts
TAXI member Jenna Drey's career is going up! In May, her song "Killin Me" hit number 23 on the Billboard Radio Airplay Chart AND number 41 on the Billboard Club Play Chart in the same week. On the Radio Airplay Chart, her song was a "Greatest Gainer," meaning it received the most increased radio spins, nationally, that week. The song then went on to reach number 16 on the Radio Airplay Chart.

And Jenna's success all started with TAXI. She got a record deal through TAXI, and then the record label referred her to another company that promoted her project. "This opportunity wouldn't have happened without TAXI," Jenna said.

TAXI members also leant Jenna a helping hand. "First, I'd like to thank our members for their support. I asked them to call their local stations and request Jenna's CD, and it looks like they took it to heart," TAXI CEO Michael Laskow said.

Jenna admits that she was told she'd have no chance without being represented by a major label. In fact, most of the artists on the chart are represented by major labels. But that didn't seem to stop Jenna. "It shows that an artist can go somewhere without going to Sony," she said.

When Jenna's manager David Frangioni found out about her accomplishment, he was proud, thankful, excited, and amazed.

"It takes so much hard work, sacrifice, and talent to achieve anything at all in life [and certainly in music] that when you are able to chart on Billboard, you count your blessings and then continue working towards your next goal. The journey never really ends but it's a lot more enjoyable when some success is achieved along the way," Frangioni said.

And that's exactly how Jenna looks at her success: "This is just one small step. There is still a long road ahead."

For Jenna, that journey includes a follow-up song. She also wants "Killin Me" to gain momentum and cross over to the Pop charts. ("Killin Me" is more of a Pop-Dance song.)

Laskow knows that Jenna's ambition will create even more opportunities.

"I've had the pleasure of meeting Jenna. She's one of those people who is focused like a laser beam and well-grounded at the same time. She may achieve Diva status, but she'll never act like a Diva — she's just plain nice, and that's why I'm asking our members to continue their incredible show of support," Laskow said.

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"I just want a shot, and I feel that TAXI has given that to me."
— Roger Yeardley,
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"I think I'm lucky that I've found out about TAXI so early in my career."
— Djamel,
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