TAXI Members Screen the Screeners

Screeners aren't the only ones doing the screening at TAXI. Five Los Angeles-based TAXI members were invited to the company's office to grade the screeners critiques. See what they found and how the exercise was used to improve TAXI's quality.Read the full story

Jenna Drey Climbs the Charts

TAXI member Jenna Drey's song "Killin Me" is climbing up the Billboard Radio Airplay Chart. But her success doesn't stop there. Find out how TAXI helped Jenna and what the career-driven singer has in store for the future.Read the full story

Jerimaya Grabher: Director,
Sanctuary Producer Management

When Jerimaya Grabher was just 20 years old, he quit college in Vermont, moved to Los Angeles, and accidentally found his way into the music business. From an unpaid to internship to his current position, Grabher tells about his experience in the business.Read the full story

Member Deals Profile Industry News

USA Network's runaway hit Monk featured a song by member Frank Palmieri in an unforgettable way_._._.

Richard Bassett from Bermuda signed five Hawaiian instrumentals with music production library Transition Music_._._.

American Juniors finalist Katelyn Tarver has recorded songs by Gabriel Dorman and Scott Krippayne for her upcoming album_._._.

Passenger Profile: Matt Docter

The Docter is in TV and films_._._.

Yahoo! Music Unlimited Unveiled

The company creates an all-new ultra-hip music experience_._._.

Been a Long Time Since We Rock & Rolled

Good 'ol guitar driven rock bands might be in the future_._._.

XM Satellite Sub-Scriptions Pass 4 Million

Which amounts to a 33% growth in five months, faster than any similar service_._._.

Bulletin Board

Elton John sells a management company, Ric Ocasek launches a label, Def Leppard covers a Badfinger tune, and much, much more_._._.

Cool Stuff

Tryout for Making the Band 3's Next Season

Uncle Diddy may want you for the show_._._.



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"I want to thank you for being instrumental in helping me obtain my deal, and I hope you and the TAXI staff continue the professional work and enthusiasm that make TAXI a great vehicle for many musicians."
— Ed Ferris,
TAXI Member