Crossfade's Ed Sloan

Just a few years ago, Ed Sloan was submitting Pop, Rock, and even some Country songs to TAXI listings. Crossfade's album is now climbing the charts and was just certified Gold. Find out how TAXI helped Crossfade's music go beyond the band's South Carolina hometown . . .Read the full story

TAXI Member Laura Browne-Sorensen Does Country

Laura might not have landed any deals yet, but she still credits TAXI for forwarding her music to people who might not have seen it otherwise. She also believes the feedback has made her a stronger writer. Now, Laura and her band are planning a summer concert tour . . .Read the full story

Crossfade Presents TAXI CEO Michael Laskow With Gold Record

Out of all the Gold records Michael Laskow has received, Crossfade’s means the most to him. He has seen the band’s incredible progress from being unsigned to signed, and now the Gold record. The album is also quickly approaching Platinum . . .Read the full story

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John Wilhelm's tune "Freedom" will appear on an upcoming patriotic compilation CD_._._.

The Simple Life 2 features a song by Denny Earnest called "American Banjo"_._._.

Sandra Robinson Gets Writing, and Wins

Receives top honor in BBC-sponsored contest and performance on a United Kingdom radio show_._._.

Trent Reznor Releases Tracks for Remix Online

The leader of the Nine Inch Nails has begun an unusual experiment_._._.

UMG Will Launch “International Music Feed”

Decision clears way for first label-owned 24-hour music channel_._._.

Bulletin Board

Metal's back, Idol Kelly's on a roll, and more_._._.



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