By Rachel Laskow

Joshua Reid may be graduating from college in May as a graphic designer, but his music skills are still top-notch. He's been with TAXI for about six months, and his song "#143" was chosen as one of the top five songs in the adult contemporary category in January's Song of the Year contest.

The Song of the Year contest supports VH1 Save the Music. The first place winner in each category will move on toward the Song of the Year 2005 yearly competition. All of the first place winners will then compete for the grand prize.

In fact, when people want to say "I love you" on a pager, they type "143," like Joshua's song. "I" has one letter, "love" has four, and "you" has three, becoming "143." Joshua's music can be compared to that of John Mayer and Ben Harper.

"He has only been a member for a short while and look what wonderful things are happening to him because of TAXI's awesome advice! Thank you for such a wonderful service!" Cathie Rogers, Joshua's mom said.

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"Listen to what the critiquer is saying . . . they're usually on the money. Most important of all: don't give up."
— Jimmy Clark,
TAXI Member