TAXI Members Rock
South by Southwest

By Rachel Laskow
Austin South By Southwest Taxi
Music fans and industry peeps crowded Austin clubs to watch TAXI members Seis Pistos and Firekills perform at the South By Southwest Music and Media Conference, March 16-20. The conference featured hundreds of musicians from around the world.

Seis Pistos, from Mexico, electrified viewers with its Latin Punk. "The audience went nuts from the get go and even security people were into it," said band member Kenio.

The band performed songs from its first and second albums, as well as an upcoming third album. It was the first time Seis Pistos performed songs from the new album, which were well received by the audience.

"Well, the most important thing is that we had a blast performing the festival. The place was packed, which is a hard thing to do at SXSW because of the amount of talent that just flows over there," Kenio said.

While Seis Pistos performed its Latin Punk, Firekills rocked another venue with its music, Post Punk With Metal Tendencies. The band played two of its new songs, "Friendship" and "This Time I'll Kill You," which the audience loved.

Fans sang along and industry members were duly impressed with the show. "Firekills went over great. The room was packed," said manager Karl Louis.

Labels including Columbia, Hollywood, Octone, Universal, Capitol, TVT, Wind-Up, Geffen, Atlantic, Roadrunner, and Interscope were at the band's performance.

Both bands had great experiences at the conference. "It was great; everybody was friendly and open to our music. The festival is very big and we were amazed by the number of people attending, but the most impressive thing is that the people who run it are really cool and haven't lost their human touch with every band even though the festival has gotten so big," Kenio said.

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"Your dedication and hard work never ceases to amaze me."
— Jimmy Clark,
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