And the Winner Is...

Aaron Markey entered TAXI's ProTools contest never thinking he would win. See how he plans on using the program to advance and improve his career as a sound engineer . . .Read the full story

TAXI Members Rock South By Southwest

Music fans and industry peeps crowd Austin clubs to see Firekills and Seis Pistos. Spectators loved the bands' new songs and sang along to some favorites . . .Read the full story

Craig Kallman, Co-chairman, Atlantic Records: Part Two of the Interview

In this continuation of last month's interview, Craig Kallman talks about what the music industry is looking for this year. He also predicts what the industry will be like in three years and in 10 years . . .Read the full story

Member Deals Profile Industry News

WB's hot new show One Tree Hill will feature "Dancing Eyes," one of Jody Adams's songs_._._.

Earwig's song "Best Kept Secret" appears in an extreme skiing documentary released world wide in theaters and available on DVD_._._.

Passenger Profile: Alan Schaefer

TAXI is helping his music_._._.

Just Like That, WMG Files for IPO

Bronfman and posse waste no time filing with SEC_._._.

Tommy Lee's New Crue: Handleman

Puts him in yet another (yawn) lame reality show_._._.

Bono Lectures Bigwigs During Rock Hall Ceremony

The U2er blasts the powers that be for not adapting_._._.

Bulletin Board

Missy Elliott takes the oath of hypocrisy and more_._._.

Member News

Joshua Reid

Top-five in song competition_._._.



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