TAXI Members Crossfade on
"The Tonight Show With Jay Leno"

By Rachel Laskow

Taxi Member On Jay Leno Show

A TAXI T-Shirt sighting during Crossfade's appearance on the tonight show with Jay Leno.

When Crossfade's Ed Sloan first started to submit songs to TAXI, they were all country. After a while, however, he switched his genre to melodic hard rock – and his submissions were forwarded nearly every time.

From that point on, it only got better for Crossfade.

TAXI was directly responsible for Crossfade getting hooked up with both their manager (former TAXI A&R staffer, Chris Long), and one of the top music attorneys in the business.

One of Crossfade's forwards through TAXI went to the West Coast office of Columbia Records. But in the end, it was Columbia's New York office that signed the band.

And while some bands and artists feel that their labels don't do enough to launch their careers, that isn't the case for Crossfade. The label has provided strong support for the band throughout the recording and promotion of its debut album, Crossfade.

"The people at Columbia have been a real pleasure to work with at every level. They've proven to us why they've always been considered the most desirable label for an act to sign with," commented Crossfade's manager Chris Long.

Recently, Columbia helped get Crossfade a landmark appearance on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno." The show exposed them to millions of viewers who otherwise might not have heard the band. The widely televised performance could also be key in helping Crossfade's album reach Platinum. (It has just been certified Gold by the RIAA.)

Crossfade will present TAXI with a Gold record in a couple of weeks to show the band's appreciation for TAXI's role in its success. But TAXI CEO Michael Laskow begs to differ.

"The real seeds for all of Crossfade's success were their great songs, and their great work ethic. The guys deserve everything that comes their way, and then some. I hope they inspire other members to work hard on their songs, and never to quit trying."

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"I must recommend it to anyone I think is serious about songwriting."
— Dwight Nichols,
TAXI Member

"I got a call back from Capitol Records — Thanks!"
— Pete Masitti,
TAXI Member