Answered by: Michael Laskow
Dear TAXI,

I am a TAXI member, and I have been telling my friends about you guys. One of my friends wanted to join up with TAXI, but he called the lady there and she said that you won't listen to a CD to let him know if he should join or not. He does oleschool hiphop. Why wont you listen to the CD he has so he don't waste his money?

- Calwyn Di'Amroas

Dear Calwyn,

The reason we don't listen to anything before someone joins is because it might not be right for a major label, but it could be perfect for film or TV show. Another good reason is that we've seen our members consistently get better and better by using our feedback. Someone who might be at a B+ level when they join could progress to an A+ level by making good use of the feedback TAXI provides. We'd feel terrible if we dismissed somebody out of hand based on one or two early songs thereby causing them to miss more than 1000 other opportunities that year!


Hi Michael!!! First of all, I just want to say thank you, thank you thank you for creating TAXI. I don't know where I would have started without your organization!

My question is: Why does it take so long to get my critique back from TAXI? I've waited sometimes, 4 to 5 weeks for a response. Can you speed up the process?

- Jana Kincaid

Hi Jana,

I have a cousin named Jana, so I'm going to be extra nice :D

It typically takes 2-3 weeks from the deadline for us to get back to you. Thanks for alerting me that the response time has been slower than normal. We hit those pockets from time to time because of unusually high response rates, or screeners being unavailable when we need them. I promise to head right down to the A&R department and fire somebody. But seriously, we do hit the occasional valleys but more often than not we experience peaks. We are always trying to improve, so thanks for your feedback, it's much appreciated.


What the F%#k is AAA?

- Anonymous Message Board

Dear Anonymous:

It's a moving target. But then so is pop and so is country. If I had to pick one artist that defines AAA, it might be Sheryl Crow, but as I said the definition is very fluid. One of the things we will be adding to our website in 2005 is an updated list of which acts fall under what genres to help our members better understand the complexities. Some of the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the writers and artists though, I constantly tell people to pick up a copy of Billboard once a month to see who's on which charts so they can know what each genre is currently doing. I'm pretty sure if I wanted to quarterback the Dolphins in the Super Bowl (like that'll ever happen again) that I'd have to know the playbook by heart. Understanding genres is part of your playbook, and we're going to help you get it right very soon.


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