Harold and Kumar Go to TAXI?
Matt Hirt racks up $50,000 and counting

He joined TAXI over seven years ago and for the last two Matt has been fortunate enough to make a living on his music alone. However, he will be the first to tell you, that it wasn't instant success. In his words, "It's very frustrating to get a forward and no response . . ."Read the full story

Passenger Profile: Stuart Ridgway
Making the Leap of Faith

"I've made several deals because of TAXI: one with Joe Bourne Productions, one with MBA Music, one big one with Bunim/Murray for a new NBC program called Starting Over. The show debuted this September and my music is being used — It's freakin awesome . . ."Read the full story

John David Kalodner: Senior Vice President of A&R, Sanctuary Records Group

He isn't "an" A&R legend — John Kalodner is "the" A&R legend. His influence is so ubiquitous in the music world that many albums list him in the credits as "John Kalodner: John Kalodner." In this startlingly frank interview, John talks about how he works . . .Read the full story

Member Deals Cool Stuff Industry News

Edwin Stone scored a three song deal with The Weather Channel_._._.

All My Children will pay Eric Colville $1,600 for the use of his song_._._.

Two songs by Rich Banks of Scottsdale AZ will be featured on ABC's One Life to Live_._._.

Durango Songwriters Expo

Meet industry A&R and Publishing Peeps, and some top notch songwriters at this small, intimate event in Colorado. Scheduled performers include Leroy Parnell, Jeffrey Steele, Kenny Loggins_._._.

Superproducers and Superstars

Get the dirt on a number of projects dominating the charts_._._.

Recording Artists Coalition on the Move

CD price fixing, copyright rules, and other issues taken on by the RAC_._._.

Bulletin Board

New releases by current artists, labels joining forces, and other news_._._.



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"TAXI offers bands and songwriters, serious chances, wonderful opportunities, and many, many reasons not to give up on your dreams and that is worth everything."
— Justine Kaye,
TAXI Member