By Kenny Kerner

Kate Voegele may look like your typical teenager, but don't let that fool you. The 17-year-old is a very gifted singer-songwriter-guitarist and her music is gaining interest by some of the music industry's key executives.

Just two years ago music was merely a hobby for Kate. She even admits that it wasn't until six months ago that she started to get really serious about her craft. One of her first steps was joining TAXI.

Like any TAXI member, Kate submitted her tunes to listings that suited her sound and style. She was so well received by our screening staff that we published her in the Navigator, a bi-monthly feature that runs in the A&R Registry (an industry directory). Shortly after the publication, several major labels contacted TAXI to learn more about this talented teen. "I'm only 17, and I didn't know how to get my music out there, so TAXI was a huge help," Kate said.

Her story doesn't stop there. Kate has been featured in various magazines and online publications. She's also opened for major acts such as the Bangles, Virginia Coalition, and Mindy Smith.

Most recently, Kate became a finalist in the Pantene Pro-Voice contest, which has landed her prime spots on both VH1 and MTV.

We're all really excited for Kate and look forward to her bright future in the business.

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"TAXI has been nothing but 'gold.' I mean pure gold! I've been a member for about a year and a half now, and TAXI has been the most beneficial tool I have."
— Susanne Elston,
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