Is It Commercial Sounding?
TAXI Member Rob Grad Says, "You Bet!"

Rob Grad may not be a household name, but the chances are pretty likely that you've heard his voice before in ad campaigns for companies like Coors Light and Gillette. The cool thing is that all of these opportunities and more were made possible through TAXI, based on one phone call . . .Read the full story

Passenger Profile: Jason Perez, Industry Insider

He befriended Desmond Child, wrote songs with Dave Loggins, John Bettis, Michael J and Siedah Garret and currently manages the foreign catalog of Saban Music. But he still relies on TAXI to promote his own material. "TAXI gets my songs heard by people who are working and need songs. I can't cultivate relationships with every music supervisor" . . .Read the full story

Craig Aaronson: Sr. Vice President, A&R
Warner Bros. Records

Having been signed as an artist himself, Craig has seen A&R from both sides. He talks about what it takes for an artist to get his attention, from their sound to how they interact with their audience; when an artist needs a band and when they don't; the importance of radio airplay, and other related subjects . . .Read the full story

Member Deals Cool Stuff Industry News

Queer As Folk on Showtime featured a song by Scott Shpak and Ken Faragalli_._._.

Micheal Wheeler of Victoria, Australia had 9 songs signed to Global Graffitti_._._.

The WB Network's prime-time hit Angel included a song by Dan Bowman of Kentucky_._._.

Have You Ever Read Music Connection?

Our members who have come to the Road Rally are already aware of music connection magazine. Because it's LA based, musicians in other parts of the country may not have had a chance to check it out yet. Now you've got it, click here to learn more.

Napster and Best Buy Join Hands

They will launch a multi-year marketing effort to drive online music_._._.

Lollapalooza 2004 Cancels All Dates

Weak summer tour market kills the major concert series_._._.

Kauai Music Festival

A review of the annual music conference on the islands_._._.

Bulletin Board

American Idol finalist hits the streets, more_._._.



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