Music Greats Join Acclaimed Musician and Journalist on Latest CD

The star-filled disc includes appearances from Charlie Daniels, Ricky Skaggs, Dickey Betts, Randy Meisner, Charley Pride, Suzy Bogguss, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, Jerry Donahue and more. Reno is dedicating a portion of the albums proceeds to the Lance Armstrong Foundation for cancer research . . .Read the full story

Producer/Songwriter J.T. Na Uses TAXI
To Make the Right Connections

J.T. advises his friends: "If you're thinking about joining TAXI--Go for it! They will definitely get your music heard by people in the industry that you can't reach. My connections with Babyface didn't get anything over to BMG. TAXI just opened more doors" . . .Read the full story

Ted Lowe: President, Choice Tracks Inc.

Long-time record and publishing company veteran Lowe discusses what music supervisors are looking for, how you get your music placed in movies and TV shows, and what kind of production quality your recordings need to have . . .Read the full story

Member Deals Cool Stuff Industry News

Dawn De Mone got a song placed into reality pic Malibu Spring Break, as well as having a tune picked up by the Fuel Network's GKA_._._.

The Last Ride, featuring Dennis Hopper, Fred Ward and other stars used songs by TAXI members Barry Schleifer and Kent Forward_._._.

How Many Words Can You Rhyme With 'See'?

In less time than it took you to read the headline, this amazing software would have given you almost 400 perfect rhymes, and much, much more_._._.

Legal Download Users Triple, Still Buy CDs

Breathe easy: Looks like the music biz still has a future_._._.

Reznor Nails Ex-Manager in Lawsuit

Forces company to "show me 'da money"_._._.

Bulletin Board

Mediocrity rules, Joplin gets two biopics one starring Pink and one starring Renee Zellweger, more_._._.



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"I met so many great people on personal and business levels, including a contact who is going to get our disc in the hands of the producer of Dawson's Creek."
— Dean Person,
TAXI Member