TAXI Member Lands $300,000 Deal

One year ago Jenna Drey ran across TAXI in Recording Magazine, and decided to give the service a try. Just one year later she has signed a deal with a label distributed by Universal, her first single is being produced by music industry legend Nile Rogers . . .Read the full story

A & R Insider: Wired Shops Deal in L.A.

After New York-based TAXI members Wired were picked for the President's Choice award by their fellow members at last year's Road Rally, we flew them from New York to LA so we could run them around to some record labels. The following interview details their experiences . . .Read the full story

It's Raining Deals! The Downpour Continues for TAXI Member Chuck Henry

Besides signing to a 30-CD project, Chuck has placed 5 songs with Muzak, scored commericials for Cingular, Pfizer, Citibank, Sony and more, as well garnering numerous TV placements aired in the USA, Europe and Japan . . .Read the full story

Member Deals Profile Industry News

A year after it was forwarded, OneMusic picked up a song by Elizabeth Rice_._._.

Denny Earnest placed 10 tunes with DSM Producers, and 12 songs with Editor's Choice_._._.

ABC's long-running daytime drama All My Children featured two songs by Mike Farley of Nashville, Tennessee_._._.

Adam Dachman: "Like a Surgeon"

While he maintains a successful career as a surgeon (really!), Dr. Dachman still manages to find time to compose music. A visit to the TAXI Rally netted him a 20-song deal with OneMusic_._._.

Radio, TV Takes the Offensive in Indecency Battle

Viacom, Fox, RadioOne and others will ask FCC to rescind its recent decision_._._.

BMI's Preston Stepping Down

Perhaps the most powerful female executive in the music business, Frances W. Preston is calling it quits_._._.

Bulletin Board

Prince recalls his name, "Van Hagar" has reunited, Madonna tickets average $300, and more_._._.



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