By Jimi Heath

Listen to "Rumba de L'Afrique":

Back in August we shared with you all the success Chuck Henry has had during his membership with TAXI. Well, not long ago he came by the office to let us know that the ball is still rolling and the deals are still coming in!

Recently, Chuck has signed another recording deal with a leading World Music label that entails a 30 CD (!) project that will be sold and marketed to the meditation, yoga, and massage markets. Another TAXI listing also resulted in Chuck signing five Smooth Jazz songs for placement with Muzak.

Also, Chuck has been scoring commercials for United Healthcare, Cingular, Pfizer, and Citibank, to name a few beyond the already running Sony commercials that are filling his pockets and adding fuel to his growing list of accolades.

Chuck has also signed various deals with music libraries in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and England resulting in his music being heard on television sets from The USA to Europe to Japan!

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"I hope someday I'm in a position to promote TAXI and let everyone know that there are kind, honest people in the music business and they're working at TAXI. Even my mother trusts you!"
— James Day,
TAXI Member