By Jimi Heath

Listen to "Just Like That":

One year ago Jenna Drey was thumbing through Recording Magazine and came across a TAXI ad that displayed one of our many success stories. She was impressed, and decided to give TAXI a whirl. Who would have guessed that in 12 months she'd be featured in the very same ad and magazine.

It's exciting to announce that Jenna Drey's first single, "Just Like That," is being currently produced by the legendary Nile Rodgers, scheduled for release in Jun/July 2004. And it was a direct result of using the TAXI submission system that has just landed her a record contract with a Universal-distributed independent label.

Jenna studied piano, music composition and voice at Simmons College and The New England Conservatory of Music. With her three octave vocal range, Jenna soars over pop melodies with the ease of some of the greatest female singers.

Jenna began submitting songs to TAXI in May of 2003. She averaged about three submissions per month. Jenna did receive quite a few forwards, and calls from several publishing companies for using songs in various TV shows, but continued to pursue an artist deal.

Then in December 2003, the label contacted Jenna and began negotiations of what would become an artist contract. The label president believed her song, "Just like That," was a hit the first time he heard it. After a few months of negotiations and contract reviews she struck gold with a three hundred thousand dollar recording contract.

Her first single is scheduled for release in July 2004, and is now being produced by the legendary Nile Rodgers (Madonna, David Bowie. Mick Jagger, B-52s, and many more).

You can visit Jenna's website at

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