Listen to 'Rusty Red Wagon' by Elliott Park:

Elliott Park of Baird, Texas, whose previous "holds" have been featured in the May 2003 issue of the Transmitter has signed a staff songwriter deal with the prestigious publisher Extreme Writer's Group in Nashville, (who currently have two songs in the Country Top Ten, by Buddy Jewell and Matthew West).

This is big news for any writer, but even bigger considering that when Elliott joined TAXI a little over a year ago, he was making his demos on a 4-track machine in his garage, and had never been to Nashville in his life.

He's certainly made a few trips to Nashville now, but he's still doing his simple, but effective, piano/vocal demos on that 4-track in the garage. That hasn't stopped major artists such as Faith Hill, Rascal Flatts and Diamond Rio from putting his songs on hold.

Elliott recently contributed five songs to the Good Seeds project — a bible verse study tool for kids — by executives from the popular Veggie Tales videos for kids. He was also recently asked by the A&R department at RCA Records to take part in a performance for their artists and producers featuring new songwriters that they felt deserved notice. By all accounts, Elliott shined.

Elliott is now one of the most talked-about writers on Nashville's famed Music Row, and as Elliott will tell you, it couldn't have happened without TAXI... and some great songs, of course.

Read Elliott's letter about the deal here.

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"TAXI is the best listening audience that one could hope for. These guys have valuable insight into music and are very helpful with their criticisms. I am establishing some great contacts and yes, I have signed a couple of tunes to a publisher."
— Stu Brown,
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