Dear Mr. Laskow,

I just enjoyed my first Road Rally after signing up a couple weeks before the start of some of the greatest musical information and networking ever presented in one glorious place. It was one of the best events of my life.

The Road Rally was a life changing event and has helped my music career in so many different positive ways. I appreciate your hard work, and consideration for all the artists like me who are unknown today, but a step closer to the dream of being known because of your Road Rally. Thank you for a magical, musical, wonderful time.

Ellen St. Peter
Irvine, CA

A&R legend, Don Grierson (left) gets deep into a song analysis during a one-to-one consultation with TAXI member Carla Sacco.

Legendary music attorney, Donald Passman (left) and TAXI president, Michael Laskow going over Passman's keynote address before he hits the stage.

Dear Mr. Laskow,

Congratulations on such a successful weekend!

It was such a pleasure and privilege to attend the Road Rally 2003. Thank you for putting on such an indispensable resource for artists and songwriters. This was mine and my father's first Rally, and the entire conference exceeded our expectations in every way. From the brilliant guest speakers to insightful workshops to networking with talent from all over the world; I walked away from the conference very inspired and excited about my vision as an artist.

As a new member to TAXI, I was just amazed at the resources available. I now can't wait to delve deeper into the TAXI resources to expand on the information I learned at the Rally.

Again, thank you so much for creating such a memorable and inspiring weekend.

Jennifer Hira
Santa Barbara, CA

The Major Label A&R Panel with Sony's Marshall Altman, Sony Nashville's Cliff Audretch Jr., Interscope's Tony Ferguson, Aware's Steve Smith, and Capitol's Loren Israel.

Interscope V.P. of A&R, Tony Ferguson taking time to answer a bevy of questions from TAXI members after his panel.

Sony A&R executive, Marshall Altman (left) making a point while Cliff Audretch, Tony Ferguson, and Loren Israel listen intently.

Hi Michael;

Well, in keeping with a personal tradition started after Road Rally #1, here is my "Annual Road Rally Feedback Letter" to you and your staff.

It's hard to imagine this year's event being better than last year, but I must say you and your folks certainly pulled it off; it was definitely the best Road Rally ever! The new Driver's Ed Classes were a welcome addition to a number of people that I talked to who were interested in more specific information about certain subjects. Everything else was just as excellent, if not a little better, than the Road Rallies of the past.

This year, my guest was a young singer-songwriter that I'm working with, who had never attended a Road Rally before. She sent me a quick e-mail on the day we got back that simply stated, "I feel like I have grown so much in one weekend." It was nice to hear that from her, because I know if she continues to attend, they will get better and better for her, not only in terms of information, but also in the reality of developing relationships with people in the Music Business.

In closing, I'd like to repeat what I've said before (not only to you, but to other people who are considering joining TAXI): The TAXI Road Rally alone is worth the price of membership. There is simply no place on the planet that anyone can get so much useful information, from so many Music Industry people, in 3 days time! Thanks again to you and your staff for yet another great job. I look forward to seeing all of you next year.

Tom Sparks
Palatine, IL

Motown songwriting legend Brian Holland beams as he gets a standing ovation when his song montage is played.

The crowd goes wild when they hear Brain Holland's incredible montage of Motown hits.

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"The TAXI rally was one of the most wonderful experiences I have had in our business."
— Alan Abrahams,
TAXI Member

"I met so many great people on personal and business levels, including a contact who is going to get our disc in the hands of the producer of Dawson's Creek."
— Dean Person,
TAXI Member

"TAXI's reviewer showed me what my actual strengths/weaknesses were. I actually felt complimented, not attacked. Thanks TAXI."
— John Trentes,
TAXI Member

"The Road Rally was by far one of the most interesting, informative and entertaining events I've ever attended for business or personal reasons."
— Jeremy Ragonese,
TAXI Member

"Nothing bad can come from belonging to this unbelievable organization that has definitely allowed my songs to be stronger than ever."
— Justine Kaye,
TAXI Member

"You guys ROCK! In a rather daunting industry, you guys are an oasis! The positive win/win mission of TAXI stands alone in an otherwise ego-oriented, money-driven industry."
— Melinda Johnson,
Grammy-nominated songwriter

"I've had several meetings at Dreamworks Records and made several new contacts as a result of belonging to TAXI."
— John Scott,
TAXI Member

"Your critiques have encouraged me, pissed me off, motivated me, enlightened me, annoyed me, enriched me, and made me laugh, and not necessarily in that order."
— Gary Bonura,
TAXI Member

"I am enclosing a check for my third year of membership in TAXI. You've got a great thing going, and it's fun being a member."
— Thomas Hipps,
TAXI Member

"TAXI is very helpful in getting new music to record execs. And they're probably the only legit source doing that for people who don't have an agent or manager."
— Brian Evans,
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