As we wind down toward the end of yet another year, we're likely to see more TV award shows than in-person seminars. The pickin's gonna be slim until 2004 but here's what we've got for December:

44th Songwriter Showcase
Once again, the Big Apple hosts an important music education seminar geared specifically at songwriters-both new and veteran. Call them at 212-957-9230 for further information. This one is definitely worth attending.
Under the heading of "making your plans early", the 2004 NAMM Show Los Angeles will run from January 23-26 and if you're in the music business, you oughta go. Special guest performers endorsing their new gear, all the latest tech toys, books, demonstrations, free magazines and cool stuff. But just a warning: Bring your walking shoes because you're not gonna be able to see it all in one day. Get on the phone right now: 760-438-8001 or go directly to

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