How Much Money Can You Really Make from Film and TV Placements?

PEN Music President Michael Eames explains the nuts and bolts of music publishing. Where the money comes from, how much you can make, and how you can profit from it . . .Read the full story

TAXI Lobbies Congress for Songwriter's Rights

TAXI President and CEO Michael Laskow was recently honored to be invited to join several hit songwriters and executives from NSAI, ASCAP, BMI and SESAC on a trip to Washington to lobby members of congress for songwriter's rights.

Here's Michael (on right) hobnobbing with Tennessee senator, Lamar Alexander.

Mega-Hit Songwriter Jeffrey Steele Performs at the TAXI Road Rally 2003

Hit Nashville songwriter Jeffrey Steele, - whose hits include Tim McGraw's "The Cowboy In Me", Rascal Flatts' "These Days" Montgomery Gentry's "My Town" and "Hell Yeah" plus dozens more — made a surprise appearance at this year's Road Rally closing party . . .Read the full story

Member Deals Profile Industry News

Rob Grad from Venice, CA. has hooked up with Groove Addicts and is busy doing vocals for clients such as Coors Light, Gillette, and others_._._.

Matt Hirt had a tune placed on "Law and Order S.V.U." via DSM and another one on Dateline NBC thru Editor's Choice Music. Also, a religious broadcast called "Life In The Word" has been using three of his songs for several months now_._._.

TAXI Member makes connections at Road Rally_._._.

Time Warner: Bronfman the Man

Time Warner announced that it is accepting the $2.6 billion bid from Edgar Bronfman, Jr.'s and partners to buy Warner Music_._._.

Diddy or Didn't He?

Rumor has it that P. Diddy threw a conniption at last week's VH1 Big in '03 awards when he found out he was not receiving one himself_._._.

Next for WMG and EMI?

According to press reports and the conventional wisdom, Bronfman's first order of business is to cut costs at Warner_._._.

Member News

Bobby Messano is up for a Grammy nomination_._._.



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