By Kenny Kerner

For this month's Passenger Profile, I'm going to break the usual format and let our Subject do all of the talking. Jeffry Prince joined TAXI back in 1996 and has attended every single Road Rally. He personifies the TAXI member in that he values the critiques, works hard, is persistent and uses TAXI's support system to help him in his career. I'll bet he also memorized the Rules of the Road!

What I thought I'd do is let him give you his spin on TAXI. So here we go. The following is completely unedited:

Why I Joined TAXI

"I was in a band called Thin Ice-a progressive rock band. And you know how popular Prog. Rock bands are! So obviously, we weren't getting any kind of interest from anyone despite how great our musicianship was. So I knew there had to be a problem. It's really hard to find a manager, for example, when you don't already have everything going for you. So TAXI seemed to be the only vehicle that I could sign up for, pay my fee, and get instant feedback about why nobody was listing to prog. rock. It was a stinging sensation that I won't forget. I figured that I'd send in my first three songs and they'll get forwarded and I'll have a record deal because I'm a rock star! But I wasn't a rock star and I didn't have any songs, apparently. They were these progressive rock anthems that were totally out of place in the current market. So I learned pretty quickly that what I had wasn't marketable."

TAXI Critiques

"The critique is worth far more than the fee you pay for membership. The $300 a year is worth having that instant feedback from a screener. And the fact that you get these critiques and this feedback for an entire year is fantastic. The real trick is to find commonality in the critiques because no two people hear the same things in a song. As you get a lot of critiques back you start to notice common themes may run between them. In my case, what I discovered was that I needed to learn song structure and how to create a killer hook. From the critiques I learned that and was able to improve my songwriting almost instantly."

Persistence + Hard Work

"I don't feel that anything in life comes without hard work, whether it's a record deal or just writing a song. Making any part of your life valuable requires hard work. To think of the music industry without considering that, is very ignorant. So, with TAXI, the point is to approach it by working hard every day and then, even if you don't achieve your ultimate goal, you can go to bed at night with the satisfaction of knowing that you're living 100%"

The Road Rally

"The Road Rally kicks ass. The first one I went to was the first one they had, and it was the biggest wake-up call I ever had in my life. It was unbelievable to actually be at something that is the music industry. When you go to the Road Rally, you're in the music industry for 2-3 days, and you get a very realistic, though not necessarily happy view of what's going on. You can either take that and decide that it's not for you, or you can learn that there is a system in which you have to work.

"Upon subsequent Road Rallies I learned that everybody in the music industry is a person just like me. So when you're dealing with a record company or a publishing company, you're not really dealing with some big monster, you're dealing with individual people. And by attending the Road Rally you can learn what it is you need to do to get to these people and get a product that's gonna take you where you want to go."

What I Learned From TAXI

"Once it became clear that what I was writing wasn't marketable, I had to figure out a game plan. It was obvious to me that I had the innate ability with music and with writing. TAXI taught me how to structure the ideas that I had and separate them from what it is that I don't do so well. That resulted in me collaborating on my songs. I'm a very skilled lyricist and I'm fantastic with chords and music theory. But I'm not so great with melodies and with an over the top hook. TAXI taught me that co-writing is not the Devil! If you can co-write a great song, it's still a great song. And you can have just as much pride in that as you can if you wrote a song on your own. They also got me in contact with one of their screeners who teaches songwriting and I've been taking private lessons from him, as well."

Why I Recommend TAXI

"If you are serious about getting your songs heard, you have to join TAXI. You don't have an option. There isn't anything else out there that will give you any kind of value for the money that you pay. TAXI will open your eyes to what the music industry is and what you need to do to go from where you're at to where you need to be."

My Future

"The band I'm in now is called the Kimberly Trip ( and we just won a national songwriting contest (West Coast Songwriting Association) with a song called 'Just What I Wanted.' We won a $17,000 recording console. We're touring like nobody's business and as we're out there selling our CDs, we're discovering that we don't necessarily need a record deal to get where we wanna go because we're making a great percentage of money just from the product that we have."

See How TAXI Works

"I would like to thank Taxi for helping me and my partner and become more polished writers."
— Liz Aday,
TAXI Member

"It is most certainly my honor to be a member of TAXI. Thank you again."
— Sharon Weinbrum,
TAXI Member

"I've gotten one solid offer from a record company/publisher . . . and two other songs of mine are on the desks of A&R executives at major labels. Quite simply, TAXI works!"
— Paul Schwartz,
TAXI Member

"I've been to tons of music seminars put on by reputable companies. None of them have ever come close to the Road Rally."
— Stuart Ridgway,
TAXI Member