Denny Earnest Gets Many Placements on
TV Shows, in Movies and Commercials

Friends and Hard Copy, movies "Blue Crush" and "The Dentist," Mercedes Benz, NBA, and Kinko's commercials and more have netted him royalties of over $40,000 . . .Read the full story

Listen to "Cold In Hand"

Listen to "Talkin' Trash"

Bulletin: Country Star LeAnn Rimes
"Holds" TAXI Members' Song

Par for the course in Nashville, the song — on hold for Faith Hill — came off hold a few weeks later, but was immediately put on hold again by producers for LeAnn Rimes next project . . . Read the full story

Listen to "If You Didn't Try"

Loren Israel:
Director of A&R Capitol Records

His resume includes being in a band signed to a major label, then moving to the other side and working with artists like Beck and Jimmy Eat World. Find out what he looks for in a new artist . . .Read the full story

Member Deals Profile Industry News

Lee Eisenstein just signed a deal with Musik DeluX, a Los Angeles based music library_._._.

Soap Passions and film Maze used songs by Keith O'Neill and Darryl Jedlowski_._._.

All My Children played a portion of David Thompson's song "Lookin' For My Baby" in one episode, then used the whole piece_._._._

Working Hard, and Making It Work

Jeffry Prince joined TAXI back in 1996 and has attended every single Road Rally. He personifies the TAXI member in that he values the critiques, works hard, is persistent and uses TAXI's support system to help him in his career.

Lotsa legal stuff going on in the Biz

Arista, Sony, RIAA, filing law suits; UMG (Universal Music Group) lowered the price of CDs

Universal Music Group to buy DreamWorks

Rumors about the deal had been flying for some time, but the WSJ item forced label heads to make an official statement_._._.

U.S. economy, music sales looking up

CD sales this week are up 6%, while the U.S. economy grew by an impressive 7.2%; Eighty more lawsuits were filed by the RIAA_._._.



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