Electronica Duo PB&J Find TV Placements are Their Bread and Butter

TV Music Placements
Listen to the 8-track demo that started it all:

“TAXI works. Plain and simple,” asserts four-year member TAXI Phil Francis, when asked to describe his TAXI experience.

“I know -- because since 1999, my partner James Kernick and I have had numerous deals and placements, including 5 independent films, a 20-song publishing deal, placements on E! Entertainment's Style, a featured minute-long usage on ‘Malcolm In The Middle,’ and a national Verizon commercial -- among other things.”

“We have charted in the top 40 in over 20 countries in Dance/Electronica via Internet Radio, and have licensed more than 60 tracks for use in MTV's ‘The Real World’ television series.”

“All of these accomplishments came about as a direct or indirect result of our relationship with TAXI.”

As we often discover, PB&J’s professional-caliber recordings were done at home. When asked what they use to record their material, James and Phil succinctly say: “Sonic Foundry and a computer.” It doesn’t get a lot more simple than that, does it?

With all of this success, Phil and James must know what they are doing musically. You might think they don’t want anyone telling them how to improve their music. You would be wrong.

“Through TAXI, we received the criticism, encouragement, and exposure that enabled us to create our success. Even now, we enjoy the counsel of TAXI’s A&R staff.”

Phil has some words of advice for those who haven’t joined TAXI yet: “There are some of you out there who are on the verge of producing master quality tracks or writing hit songs, but maybe aren’t quite there yet. For you, there is TAXI’s knowledgeable A&R staff, who will give you the advice, criticism, and suggestions needed to help you make your music marketable. Then you can compete on an even playing field, and see if you truly have what it takes to have commercial success in this industry.”

We couldn't have said it better ourselves, guys. Congratulations, and keep the jelly side up.

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"It's refreshing to find an organization such as yours."
— Tom Wasinger,
TAXI Member

"TAXI provided real access to a nearly inaccessible industry."
— John Mendoza,
TAXI Member