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Wishcraft, a hot new indie film distributed by HBO and starring the inimitable Meat Loaf, features "Only When You're Gone," a song by Ted Birkey and his band Etro Anime.

Kathy Kaggarty's song "D'Une Mer Soeur" was placed in the independent film "Bug," by the writers of "crazy/beautiful and Jackie Chan's "The Tuxedo"). Starring in the film are Jamie Kennedy, John Carroll Lynch (Drew's brother on the Drew Carey show), Brian Cox (The original Hannibal Lecter in Manhunter) and Sting's wife.

"Cowboy," a song by Jessie Lee Montague (and her band Jake) was included in the CBS show "That's Life," with Debi Mazar, Ellen Burstyn and Paul Sorvino.

Appearing on F/X's critically-acclaimed drama "The Shield" (with Michael Chiklis of "Daddio" and "The Commish" fame) was one of Matt Anthony's songs, titled "Weight."

Zupe scored a placement in the Fox network's irreverent comedy series "Malcolm In The Middle," with budding film star Frankie Munoz. The song is "Redneck Highway."

"Miracles," a rising new show on ABC, included "Sometimes Paradise", one of Alan Reid's songs, on the program.

TAXI just received a call from Deepmix Productions, one of the few companies in charge of supplying great talent to CBS's hit show "Star Search." Deepmix is interested in three TAXI Dispatch artists -- Brad Yoder, Jessie Lee Montague, and Richard Banks -- to be considered as contestants for the popular series. Good luck guys!.

FX's critically acclaimed series "The Shield" featured songs by five TAXI Dispatch members: John Leber ("Crank"), Kregg Barentine ("Mueve Te"), B.Z. Lewis ("Fantastic Planet"), Norm Zarr ("Living for the Cheese"), and Dave Shaw.

DM Records, who has had releases by the likes of Prince and Jody Watley [just to name a few] and is distributed by WEA, is poised to use a song by Jess Adams for a brand new teen pop/R&B group that is currently in the studio.

Pete Surdoval had one of his songs, "Brass Velvet" used in the ABC Network TV show "MDs"..

Another independent record label, Dancing Ferret Entertainment Group, is ready to release their newest DJ Ferret Mix CD, entitled "Noir: Smooth Female Trip Hop." Included on the CD is "Open Heart," a song by Paul Avgerinos. The CD release date is April 22nd, with distribution throughout Europe and the U.S.

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