'I Built a Career From Deals Made Through TAXI'
— B.Z. Lewis
He has placed music on three Nissan commercials, a whole slew of video games, and numerous TV shows — and it all was launched with a primitive 8-track home computer demo . . . Read the full story

Listen to the 8-track demo that started it all

Listen to the music that Nissan used in their ad
The Matches Ignite Industry Blaze
Major record label A&R people turned out in big numbers for this hard-working band of Oakland, California teenagers and their punk/pop sound . . .Read the full story

Listen to one of The Matches songs
Nanci Walker: Director of A&R,
Island Def Jam Recordings
Her resume includes working for a major management company, signing publishing deals with Soul Asylum and Cypress Hill, and while Senior Director of A&R at Columbia Records, signing Pete Yorn . . .

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Bobby Messano signed a deal with independent label Fishhead Records to release his Blues album_._._.

With songs in Spin City, (ABC), Judging Amy (CBS) and Passions (NBC) Matt Hirt's earnings to date are close to $12,000. "TAXI is the difference between having success and not having success."

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Chuck Henry signed a three-year, three-CD deal with Etherean Records—one of the leading world beat labels. They are looking at a 2003 international release_._._.

Successful songwriter shares her secrets_._._.

Jessie Lee Montague got a song on a CBS show starring Debi Mazar, Ellen Burstyn, Paul Sorvino_._._.

TAXI Member Kregg Barentine: "I've already had 24 songs signed to deals"_._._.

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Zupe scored a placement in Fox's hit series whith his song "Redneck Highway"_._._.

Ted Birkey's song "Only When You're Gone" was in a new film distributed by HBO and starring the inimitable Meat Loaf_._._.

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TAXI Member Pete Masitti finds time to write and produce for major artists_._._.

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