TAXI Members 'Crossfade' Land
Major Label Deal with Columbia/Earshot
With their album scheduled for release this summer, Crossfade has come a long way for a local South Carolina act. The process leading to their big break revealed here . . . Read the full story

Listen to a Crossfade track
4-track Demos Recorded At Home Score
TAXI Member Two 'Holds' by Diamond Rio
TAXI member Elliott Park proves the time-honored adage that "it's all about the song" by getting two of his home-recorded, 4-track demos on "hold" for superstar country act Diamond Rio . . . Read the full story

Listen to one of Elliott's songs
Hit Songwriter Steve Seskin Shares the
Secrets of his Success
Find out why Steve, the writer of the number one Tim McGraw
hit "Grown Men Don't Cry" (and many other hits) says "None of us need
to starve to be vital writers and artists" . . .Read the full story

Member Deals A&R Insider Dispatch News

Bill Gordon, just landed three more placements on network shows_._._.

One Music is picking up another song of Joy Thomason's for their '40s, '50s

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Artemis Robison's song "Fountain of Life" aired on the ABC show MD's. The episode featured Macy Gray_._._.

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Tim Swisher recently received a contract offer for a one song publishing deal from Editor's Choice Music_._._.

A behind the scenes look at creating music for video games_._._.

Brad Yoder, Richard Banks, and Jessie Lee Montague have a shot at getting on_._._.

TAXI Member Fabio Castro: You don't need a lot of gear to achieve success_._._.

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Miracles, ABC's new show, is using a song by
Alan Reid_._._.

John Leber, Kregg Barentine, B.Z. Lewis, Norm Zarr and Dave Shaw have all placed song's on FX's The Shield_._._.

Member News

TAXI Member Jim Boggia joins forces with 'supergroup' 4_Way_Street, lands deal with Sanctuary Records_._._.

Industry News

Apple Music Service: Songs for 99 Cents

Virgin's Successful 'Single' Campaign

Reconstructing the Record Business



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