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Mega-Hit Songwriter/Producer Kara DioGuardi (songs on 100 Million CDs including Faith Hill, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson and many, many more), during her Keynote interview with TAXI CEO Michael Laskow in front of a packed house.

"I read all the testimonials saying that getting free tickets to the Rally alone was worth the membership fee, but I still had my doubts. After experiencing it first hand I could not agree with them more!"

Thomas Courtney

Don Griffin (Left) beaming after being presented with the Musician Advocacy Award right after Kara DioGuardi (Center) had been presented with TAXI's Humanitarian of the Year Award by Michael Laskow (Right).

TAXI's Teaching Concert was a great success. (L to R) Hit songwriter Adam Watts (Jesse McCartney, Hannah Montana, High School Musical & more); wife Natalie Watts; songwriting partner Andy Dodd; hit Country writer Don Rollins (Five O'clock Somewhere); and hit songwriter Jason Blume (Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears & more) joined by TAXI's Michael Laskow shortly after receiving their standing ovation.

"The Rally DID live up to the "hype." All of the seminars were very informative and were worth the membership fee at three times the cost!"

Randy Merrill

"The 2007 Road Rally was the most stimulating gathering of all levels of songwriters and artists I have ever attended. TAXI does it right, at all levels."

Don Rollins,
Hit Songwriter
('5 O'Clock Somewhere')

A fisheye view of the highly successful Mentor Lunch where members got to meet and greet industry professionals while dining.

Mega-Hit Songwriter Jason Blume (R) (songs on 50,000,000 CDs) holding court and dispensing great advice at a Mentor Lunch table while a TAXI member looks on.

"In four days I was able to amass information, wisdom and contacts that could have taken a decade or more to acquire by any other means — if ever at all."

Aub Delane Robertson

"If someone has found a company that offers more opportunities in so many aspects of this business please tell me."

Lee Johnson

Striking a pose after the Major Label A&R panel are (L to R) TAXI's Michael Laskow; Bob Baker,; Brian Howes, CEO Wreck Beach/Interscope Records; Sara Kapuchinski, Director of A&R, Chrysalis Music; Autumn House, Sr. Director of A&R Capitol Nashville.

Tons of hits have been written by these gentlemen. Hit Country songwriter Don Rollins (Five O'clock Somewhere); Brian Howes, CEO Wreck Beach/Interscope Records; TAXI's Michael Laskow; Hit songwriter Adam Watts (Jesse McCartney, Hannah Montana, High School Musical & more); Adam's songwriting partner Andy Dodd; Mike Elizondo (50 Cent, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes & more).

"TAXI provides direct access to top level executives and songwriters, giving its members an incredible opportunity."

Mike Elizondo,
Hit Songwriter,
50 Cent, Eminem

"I traveled 16,000 kilometers from Johannesburg, South Africa to come to the Rally. What a brilliant job you all did. It was worth every cent."

Rob Richards

Adam Watts (L) and Andy Dodd (R) are presented with TAXI Inspiration Awards by Michael Laskow. One TAXI 'forward' resulted in Watts & Dodd having their songs on more than 20 Million CDs in a three and half year period.

Mega-hit Urban songwriter Mike Elizondo (50 Cent, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes & more), hanging out and chatting with a TAXI member shortly after completing his panel.

"The Rally is already perhaps the most focused, educational and even life changing music convention out there."

Matt Hirt

"This was my first Rally. I thought my expectations were unrealistically high, but the reality was they weren't nearly high enough. It turned out to be the most meaningful and productive experience of my professional career — period."

Aub Delane Robertson

Mega-hit songwriter Kara DioGuardi taking a CD from TAXI member Robert Cooper.

Legendary A&R person Don Grierson (L) seems to be enjoying the company of several TAXI members during the Mentor Lunch.

"I met many other writers and everyone was very easy to talk to. I came by myself... I was not disappointed, or feeling lonely, left out, whatever. It was great! Thanks!"

Doug Neckers

"Getting the messages directly from the industry pros who make it all happen is truly an exceptional membership benefit."

Randy Merrill

Top Christian music publisher, Michael Puryear, obviously surprised by what he sees on this young lady's CD cover. We're trying to get a copy for the office ;)

Hit songwriter Andy Dodd (R) joyfully looks on as fellow hit songwriter Don Rollins performs his mega hit 'Five O'clock Somewhere' at the Road Rally Teaching Concert.

"This was my first Road Rally. One word: FANTASTIC !! Okay I'll add another INSPIRATIONAL! Alright one more, MOTIVATIONAL!"

Dan McCafferty

"There's more of a down-to-earth energy at the Taxi Rally than I've experienced at many of the other music conferences I've been to."

Debra Gussin

Vice President/General Manager of Domo/Kampai Records, Dino Malito is left holding the bag — quite literally. We're pretty sure it was full of CDs from happy TAXI members who work in the World music, New Age & Electronica genres.

Legendary songwriting coach and author of 'The Craft of Business of Songwriting' John Braheny (L) during a One to One Mentor Session.

"Another great Rally experience! It's always a pleasure to meet & greet. I hope I'm invited back."

Autumn House,
Sr. Director A&R,
Capitol Records, Nashville


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"The Road Rally was the best two days of music business information I've ever experienced."
— Tom Sparks,
TAXI Member

"What a fantastic Road Rally. Every time we go it gets better! We learned so much and now we are ready to roll!"
— Nancy & Phil Halpin,
TAXI Members

"The Road Rally was the most productive weekend of my music career."
— Dean Person,
TAXI Member

"Thank you again for trying so hard to make everyone feel like they are a part of this and keeping the quality so high!!"
— Steve Fulton,
TAXI Member

"TAXI not only helps me craft better songs, but it hones my people and business skills, as well. And that's worth a lot more than the price of admission."
— Zupe,
TAXI Member

"Just want to thank you again for the great Road Rally and for all the great work you guys do for us all year long."
— Hunter Payne,
TAXI Member

"I learned things about songwriting, about production, about studio equipment, and about the business. Thank you for providing such an incredible resource."
— Scott Atkinson,
TAXI Member

"This was the first one I've been to and it was enlightening, inspirational and extremely helpful."
— Scott Atkinson,
TAXI Member

"Every aspect of it was top end, every detail appreciated. The clinicians and panels were brilliant and the way it all moved and kept on moving was so impressive. I could go on and on!"
— Alan Abrahams,
TAXI Member

"After the rally, the friend that I brought looked at me and said, "I'll never hear a song the same way again.""
— Zupe,
TAXI Member

"Where else could an old hippy, pro country guitarist/writer from California meet a techno-dance programmer from England and develop a close friendship?"
— Tom Johnson,
TAXI Member

"Thanks for organizing this wonderful event. All the members I met were friendly and open and pleasant to be around. I've made many new friends and some great business contacts."
— Greg Teplik,
TAXI Member

"I seriously didn't expect such a loving, openhearted and giving group of people."
— Nik Sakellarides,
TAXI Member

"The Road Rally was a life changing event and has helped my music career in so many different positive ways."
— Ellen St. Peter,
TAXI Member

"The TAXI rally was one of the most wonderful experiences I have had in our business."
— Alan Abrahams
TAXI Member

"The one-on-one mentoring has been very advantageous for me!"
— Zupe,
TAXI Member

"Again, it was great. It was my fifth and I came away inspired and full of new ideas."
— Tom Johnson,
TAXI Member

"Thank you for the singularly most exciting weekend for me as a composer and songwriter."
— Nik Sakellarides,
TAXI Member